Goodbye Club Penguin

I’ll miss you…

The Retirement of Super Edwin

Greetings, ACP! I guess this is my final ever post on ACP site, wow. This is going to sound really cringy but back in 2011 ,when I first joined and I used to run home to fight rough Swat before attending the main UK event, that in 2017 I would’ve been leader of this incredible army for 10 months. If you’ve been around in ACP at all in the last ten years then thank you for contributing to such an amazing place that have been what can only be thousands of people’s childhood’s including my own.

If you’ve been around in the last ten months then thank you for putting up with me as a leader and for always fighting with passion for ACP and it’s future; one of my favourite moments as leader was in August last year when we were defending Breeze from Snow Ninjas. The work that everyone put in that day to make sure we didn’t only defend our capital but showed the community that ACP wasn’t an army to be messed with or insulted is always one I like to think about.  This was also displayed in yesterday’s event which honestly had to be my favourite event; the passion everyone had for ACP and the pride they had just made it amazing to witness especially in the comments on the event results.

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A Final MOH

Hello everyone,

I was shocked to find out today that one of the highest respected and one of the most valuable individuals in this army didn’t have a medal of honor, the highest award an individual can obtain in ACP. And, you know, that struck me as kind of funny. This individual worked to achieve leadership, did a great job as leader, and went beyond what was expected to take over as a Guardian of ACP once Boomer and myself wished to take a less active role. That being the case, I am very proud to present one of the final Medal Of Honors to our very own:

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Official Discord Chat for ACP!

AUSIA Division Official Anthem

yes i have permission to post this

Madonna’s Last Post as an ACP Troop…

Hello ACP! This is Madonna here! So everyone is aware that CP is Shutting down 😦


Me Screaming..


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My Retirement Post.

Ello, ACP

I honestly have no idea where to start with this post and well, I personally dislike doing posts and my english isn’t something you’ll see well in this post especially because it’s late BUt anywho, I want to try and be myself and not try hard to seem all heroic so here goes I guess…. Continue reading