Happy 300,000 Hits!

Hey, I just noticed; We have over 300,000 hits. Great job people! I would like Tom Yellow to organize a party, he should be good at it by now.



Not going to happen any time soon. No big armies are fighting anyone, and the AACP is too weak to pose any sort of threat. The only thing that could possible start a CP World War is if Watex and his army did, but that’s not likely to happen, since I asked to ally with them. Prepare for a time of peace and prosperity (With the occasional invasion). Remember, we are still in the Reconstruction Era.



The squad forums are working pretty well, and will be up tomorrow or the next day. You will be able to join a squad or form your own. Anyone who wants to make a squad e-mail me and ask, include your tactics, uniform, and name suggestion. The best idea for a squad will be put on the forum for people to join, so they can choose between the Green Berets and another group. If you want to make a squad e-mail me at __________


Everything Else

Everything else (Meaning the Nacho Conquest, ANTA, and anything else) will be settled later. For now our number one priority is getting the squads set up.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-