ACP Magazine Issue 1!

Here it is the magazine!


Here it is the sections from this magazine:

-What’s new on ACP (Page 2-Page 4)

-Upcoming Wars (Page 5)

-What’s new on Club Penguin (Page 6-Page 7)

-ACP Magazine Game (Page 8 )

-Army of the Week (Page 9)

-Interview to the soldiers: Coming soon (Page 10)


This magazine’s featured news are:

-Ninjas are coming to Club Penguin?

-New ACP Squads

-Yellow Puffle in Club Penguin

-Army of the Week: RPF


(Click the image to see the magazine)

P.S: If the picture gets small again, hold your cursor to the small picture, it will appear a orange button, click the orange button and it will become big again. 😉

Sorry if it couldn’t come yesterday, but the original post with the magazine was deleted later of a little problem with the computer.

This one is more updated than the original ACP magazine issue 1. This one has ACP news from this week. 🙂

Also, the interviews to ACP soldiers will come soon to the magazine.


If you want to send a joke, riddle or comic to see it in the ACP magazine, email me on

If you want to see your army in the Army of the Week section, email me with information of your army (uniform, leader, about your army, website…) to



If you want to see a new issue of the ACP Magazine every week, vote here:


Hope you like the magazine!


We Have Dibs!

With the opening of the new Theater, there will be costumes for every new show coming out. Sooner or later there will be one involving soldiers. So, in advance, we the ACP call dibs on the soldier uniform for our official uniform. If there are two, the one we don’t choose is up for grabs. E-mail CP  and ask for them to add the soldier costume to one of the Theater’s plays (It will happen, but this will speed-up the process).Add that we don’t want to add a gun, because that isn’t child-appropriate.


New Armies

There are many new armies out there using the costumes from the Theater. This is bad news for us, because they could get strong, even if they do fade away in a month. Keep fighting on Club Penguin, in the ACP uniform, and we shall prevail!



Sorry for the forums taking so long. They will be up by tonight, so be ready! Remember to keep e-mailing me with squad suggestions. Whoever send the best ideas for a squad, combined with their leadership skills, will get to make a squad of their own.


Remembe to come to the war against Watex! It will be epic. See previous posts for details.


Nacho Conquest

Still dealing with it.



Dealing with that, too.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-