Waging War With Watex Warriors

Nice title, eh? Anyway, Watex has challenged the ACP to a “fun” war, I guess it could be called a training battle. Anyway, I know for a fact he has a big army, but let’s show him what we’re made of!


  • Saturday, Nov. 24

  • 4:00pm PST

  • Tundra, USA Central, the

  • Dock

For all of you too lazy to check the clock at the Snowforts, that is

  • 7:00pm Eastern

  • 6:00pm Central

  • 5:00pm Mountain

  • 4:00pm Pacific

For all of you who don’t live in the U.S., you will have to use the Clock at the Snowforts to convert the time. Mark this on your calendar people, this will be EPIC! All ACP soldiers must come, in uniform.         


Be sure to come. Any allies that want to come, be my guest, but I’m not making you. I will be adding a twist to this war, so be sure to check this site the day before the battle.



Coming soon! The forums are just about finished, so get ready!


Nacho Conquest

Remember, we will be handling this soon. Nachos, we will accept nothing but a complete withdrawn, with the exception of ONE colony permitted.



Due to the lack of non-members allowed into the full servers of USA North, the USA will be forming colonies in other regions, one in Australia, U.K., and Canada. This will be also helpful if there is a war there, or incase of another World War, we will have a few safe retreat-locations.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

300,000 Views and ACP Magazine Party!

I will make a party for the 300,000 views of the ACP Website and the grand opening of the ACP Magazine!.

Date: November 16th (This Friday!)

Time: 4 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

Server: Mittens

Room: Coffee Shop (We will be moving to other rooms)

Everyone go with the ACP uniform to the party.

I will give you the first issue of the ACP magazine during the party. It will be on 4:00 PM (PST). So, go to the party! 😉


Also, there is a new comic in the fun stuff page on the Club Penguin site!



This is everything…by now!