ACP: Uniting Club Penguin | The War

I’m sorry I didn’t make the post yesterday, we had a tragedy in our community and I couldn’t. Don’t worry, I have two of the stories right here.


  • Today: Uniting Club Penguin | The War
  • Thursday: Peace
  • Friday: Conclusion


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Uniting Club Penguin

After several months of prosperity, the ACP was faced with a new problem. A new, rising army had come. They had conquered servers and spread hacking throughout Club Penguin. This new army was called the Underground Mafia’s Army, or more commonly known as the UMA. They were spreading their extremist views on hacking and the destruction of all other armies. They had to be stopped. The ACP attempted to defeat them once, but had failed horribly. They were just too strong. We needed a new strategy to beat them. 

Our plan was to ally every major army together, and together we would finally defeat the uprising UMA. But we will talk about that later. What the ACP had accomplished was far greater and more lasting than what we had originally planned. For the first time in CP history, a web of alliances had been made. For the first time, Club Penguin and all of it’s armies were united and aiming for a common goal. This goal wouldn’t end after the war. it would last far longer than expected, and eventually it would lead to peace.


The War

The UMA was growing, and battles, hackers, and rule-breaking became more common than ever. Something had to be done. Originally the ACP had tried to ban the UMA’s leader, Pink Mafias, on the charges of hacking and teaching others how to hack. We banned him several times, but not yet permanently. We had to go to war. At our first battle, in the Mammoth Dojo, the UMA had attempted to ambush us. Despite our efforts, we could not hold back their attacks, and (Unlike most armies would) we surrendered that battle.

We then had the idea of allying all of the anti-UMA armies. We moved to Breeze, U.K., to build up our forces. This had now officially been declared a World War, Club Penguin’s WWIII to be more specific.

The UMA planned another ambush. The allies prepared themselves. We would would not accept another defeat. The battle would be in the Underground, at the Cave, Boiler Room, and Mine. After an hour of desperate fighting, we finally won the battle. We proved that our shier will and determination would win this war.

About a month later, Pink Mafias quit Club Penguin. He left the UMA to continue fighting. We decided to ambush themthis time. We absolutely crushed them. Throughout the next week, we held a campaign to invade Mammoth and clear our server of any UMA soldiers. This worked miraculously. We later allied with the UMA, and reformed their ways. the ACP had won the largest war the face of Club penguin had ever seen.



NOTE:This post is not meant to be offensive to the RPF.

Many of you may be a bit jealous that most RPF soldiers got promoted today. But in reality, those don’t mean much. If everyone got a promotion, than there are no “regular” soldiers, making all of their Generals and Colonels the “regular” soldiers. All of you who are not elected officials are just as high ranked as any of their newly ranked troops.



I know, this is taking a long time. But if we rush it, it won’t work as well. So be patient people!



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