Change of Policy; A.N.T.A. *A “Must Read” for any of ACP’s Soldiers, Allies, and Enemies*

Prepare for a long (But informative) post.

Change of Policy

     A bunch of people have been talking about how “everyone hates the ACP”, and stuff like that. These people are wrong.

     The main reason it appears that way is because on most Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) the ACP site comes up first when searching “Club Penguin Army”. Therefor, almost everyone interested in CP armies knows about us, including random rebels. These rebels fight us because they are un-informed about us, and think we are evil. There is nothing I can do about this, other than continuing to say we aren’tevil.

     But another reason people think the ACP is hated is because the way I treat soldiers and allies. Many soldiers have suggestions (Which i read and take into consideration). But I usually don’t respond, so it looks like I don’t even care (Even though I do). Many armies don’t like it when I “boss them around”. In reality though, I just want it to be fair for everyone, but sometimes it comes out the wrong way, so people say I boss them around. But, as usual, I have a solution.

     I am changing my policy. I will try to respond to as many questions and ideas as possible, and I will be involved more with the soldiers of the ACP. For other armies, I will stop “bossing them around”, and try tp negotiate, and solve the problems in a way that is beneficial to everyone. Also, so it doesn’t look like I am the boss of everyone, I will be making the ANTA.



ANTA stands for the Army and Nation Treaty Alliance. Yes, I know I made the Army Council a while back. But that was unorganised, so therefore it was ineffective, and it collapsed. The ANTA should be full-proof, and will stop most big wars between allies. Here is how it will work:

  • We will all ally together.This means we will get as many “good” armies and nations to join as possible. No one will be allowed to make an army or Nation just to be in the ANTA.
  • The ANTA will have a website and a chat box. All of our information and meetings will be held there.
  • If any ANTA armies or nations are doing anything bad, they will be kicked out or dealt with. We will all have a meeting to decide what we should do.


And ANTA army is at war.If this happens, all of the ANTA will have a meeting to decide if we should help the ANTA army or not. If we do choose to help, all of the ANTA armies will fight the outside army. If any specific army in the ANTA doesn’t want to fight, they don’t have to. But the war will still be considered an “ANTA war”. If we choose not to help, no one has to fight the outside army, but anyone who wants to can. This will not be considered an “ANTA war”.

Two ANTA armies are at war.If this happens, all of the ANTA will have a meeting to decide what to do. We will decide who to help and who to remove from the ANTA. Most likely though, we will be able to solve the problem without any war.

This way, not ANTA armies or nations won’t get mad at eachother, and we won’t have any problems with out alliances.


  • Only ANTA armies/nations can own any land. This will ensure that the area is controlled well, and there will be minimum difficulty and maximum fairness.
  • Each army can only control a certain amount of land. This way no one will get greedy, no one will get jealous, and all of the land will be properly defended. The maximum amount of land will be one region and a colony in each foreign region (Only one colony for all of the U.S. regions). Any colonies will be mainly controlled by the army that owns that region though.
  • An army in the ANTA (That has territory) is removed from the ANTA.In this situation, the army’s land will be taken away and given to responsible ANTA armies.



Don’t worry, the forums are finished. But I will not be posting the link until tomorrow or the next day, so everyone will see it. So get ready!

Flag Contest

No, I haven’t forgotten. We will hold the polls soon, so get ready to vote!



Until later,

March on!

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