Club Penguin Times – February 07

The issue 121 of the Club Penguin Times is out. Here is the main news:


Later of Rockhopper’s departure, many penguins are trying to recover the Migrator. In the group, it’s the Club Penguin inventor, Gary, the Gadget Guy. He has been saying that he has been working on a device to recover the ship from the ocean. Gary has begun pinpointing the exact location of the sunken ship but has a bit of calculating left to do.

According to Gary’s plans, the iceberg will be the launch location of this device. Gary has promised to keep The Club Penguin Times informed as developments are made.


In honor of the penguins working hard to save the Migrator, a special party has been announced for February 15. Party planners say the celebration will inspire everyone to jump on board to join to the “Save the Migrator” campaign.


With a new play at the Stage coming tomorrow, the Club Penguin Times waddled to the Stage to interview some of the penguins responsible for taking care of things behind the scenes.

“As many penguins know, there’s more than just actors in the Stage”, mentioned a penguin in the ticket booth.

“You can sell popcorn, help direct or play instruments. I like selling tickets the best. This little ticket booth is called a “post office”.

And make sure to see the new play coming tomorrow in the Stage!


Q: I’ve seen many penguins with cotton candy. Where can I get some?

A: It was a feature during the fall fair in September 2007. It was one of the best parties I had ever ever been to, with new games and prizes-galore. During the fall fair, you could purchase the cotton candy for 600 tickets. We’ll have to wait if the cotton candy becomes available again.

-Aunt Arctic


Jokes (highlight to see the answer)

1. How did the king draw a straight line? Because he is a ruler!

2. What friends are always with you? Your taste-BUDS!

Riddles (highlight to see the answer)

1. If you feed me, I wil grow. But if you give me a drink I will perish. What am I? A fire.


Upcoming Events

February 8
> New Play at the Stage <
> Postcard Update <

February 15
> Party Begins <
> New Pin Hidden <

February 22
> Furniture Update <


 Puzzle Shuffle

I ended it in 4 moves. o


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