ACP Vs Nachos

Oagalthorp: Lol, notice how we never complain when the Nachos claim to win battles that have no photographic evidence of their victory, and yet when the ACP presents a Victory Report about a battle we so clearly won, (as you can see in the pictures) every single Nacho complains and says that they really won. This is proof that the ACP is far more mature than those little chips. Good job ACP!

Anyway, remember to visit the new ACP FORUMS created by TomY and his crew. The Forums are also located in the Blogroll.

Well on Monday the 25th, the ACP & Nachos had a pretty big battle:                        Oagalthrop was on the chat giving orders to the rest of the troops, and it was a pretty good strategy. The ACP used a tactic which we went from the cove to the snow forts in an attempt to get more recruits and we did. Then we went to the dojo to finish the Nachos off. And remember to get on at least 15 minutes a day to rally soilders while Oagal is away. Also if you see a Nacho go to ACP Chat and tell everyone, but make sure there’s more than 3 nachos, because if there isn’t its kinda pointless.






New Author

Hi everyone this is Fort57, I’m the new author! So now there is someone else to help run this site.