Later of lots of “Angry Mobs”, the game is out!. It’s in the iceberg and it is called “Aqua Grabber”.



You have to go underwater to search the 5 pieces of the Migrator. But you must be fast before the submarine gets full of water.

Arrow Keys: Move Submarine.

Space Bar: Take a piece.

Here is a pic of how the game looks like:




Underwater Party and Gary’s Poll!

Underwater Party! 

There is a new party in Club Penguin: The Underwater Party!. There is really cool decorations and there is new cool items!

Here is a picture of the town (Click to enlarge):

In my opinion, this is the best room in the party. You can walk on walls and it changed completely. Here is a picture of the night club (Click to enlarge):

The Pizza Parlor is now “Cap’n Patch’s Pizza Shack”. Maybe, Cap’n Patch is Rockhopper’s rival and now, he is becoming popular. 😆

Here is a picture of each one of the animations in the party.

There is 2 new free items and a new pin. They are the yellow snorkel, the seashell belt and the anchor pin.

Here is pictures of the new items:

NOTE: The anchor pin moves from one rock to another rock. 😮


Gary’s Poll

There is a poll in the iceberg. Here, you can choose the new name for the Gary’s submarine to save the Migrator.

P.S: Today, there is a new game. It is not coming yet. When I know when the new game will come, I will tell you in the new post. 🙂

Here is a picture of the “angry mob” of the new game: