AUSIA Invasion of Misty [Success]

Hey ACP,

We had a nice event today… Maxing 20, Averaging 15. Wow, that was some event. Continue to good job guys

Here’s the results:

3 Medals if u came! Comment below if u came…

This is Rockstar1819// ACP 3ic, Commander (Filipino Pride)
23ruv82 (1)

Message to LT


Last night, there were a lot of bot attacks on ACP chat. Luckily, I wasn’t attacked. What I don’t understand is that why LT can’t admit anything. I did see Maxy’s post, but I am just adding on. Anyway at around 7:15pm GMT, some bots started attacking Maxy, he was also getting DDoSed.

This picture provided above is a picture of Maxy getting raided by bots. LT were probably trying to DDoS Maxy so he doesn’t attend the event. Secondly, you guys steal troops.

Even though this wasn’t on ACP chat, it still counts as troop stealing. All I ask for is that you play clean in this war.