Reclaiming Brumby (AUSIA/UK)

Hello, ACP!

Today, we logged onto Brumby to reclaim our lost server. The Nachos did not show up to this battle, so towards the end, we decided to do a Red VS Blue Practice Battle with lots of snowball fighting. The Reds dominated the first half of the battle, pushing back the Blues and forcing them to retreat to other rooms, but the Blues successfully held back against the Reds in the Mall/Stage, setting up sniper positions on the top floor and having a group of soldiers joke bomb the door to defend against attacking Reds. We averaged and maxed about 15 during this battle. 3 medals if you came!

We only have 2 pictures, unfortunately. I expect you all to begin taking pictures at events of tactics and maneuvers, for you may earn extra medals for doing so.

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ACP Promotions December 2014 – Happy New Year…’s eve!

Greetings ACP,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is the final promotion day of the year. I hope that we will do even better in 2015. More promotions, less demotions! Anyways read on to see if you are going to be promoted or demoted. Or the same rank 😛 .

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