UK/USA Practice Battle vs Golds

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Hello, ACP!

We logged in to Club Penguin on Breeze to have a Practice Battle with the Golds Army, and emerged victorious maxing about 25 and averaging around 22. Our tactics were also excellent for the majority of the event, and I hope that you all keep up the good work with recruiting and with the effort at training. Hit read more for the pics.

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Credit to Pham, Lumarnara, Pham, Mchappy, Skipper, Mchappy, Pham, Me, Pham, Mchappy, Super Edwin… for the pics. ARGH, I can’t keep track of everyone who took pics! There were so many I just had to pick the best ones… and *scratches neck nervously*… the ones that I managed to keep… I guess that shows how awesome our tactics were today, huh? Today at 7;30pm UK, we had a training session on Breeze. It was simply fabulous. We maxed 27-29 and averaged 25+ for most of the event which fantastic tactics.. fantactic tastics… fantactics! 3 medals if you came! And for the whole week, the UK has had successful recruiting sessions and today just proved that it paid off. 

So let me just say one word:


Read more and reveal the nostalgic epicness. COMMENT IF YOU CAME FOR PROMO CREDIT!

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Ausia Training/Recruiting Session

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Hello Acp!

Today we logged into Snow day [2 bars], for a training/recruiting session! We averaged 17-18 and maxed 22! The tactics were pretty good too. Overall, good job! 3 medals if you came. Here’s the results:

hehe e+8

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