The Weekly Quiz

Hey ACP! This series is going to be a weekly thing where as you may have guessed, I ask some questions and all you need to do is answer them. Sounds easy enough, right? Read on to find out more.

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Best Army of all time!

ACP, we are now officially the best army in CP army history! Good job guys, I am so proud of you, let’s try our best in future, we have to improve further.

PSA:Recent connection problems on club penguin.

Hello ACP, other armies, CPAWM and club penguin people that managed to stumble upon our site. As of friday, a hacking group called NULLROUT have been ddosing club penguin’s servers including sleet, Fjord, Arctic and big foot, they have also been disconnecting the login page aswell click read more for Q&A, and information about the group.

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[AUSIA/UK]: May 2nd – Unsched U-Lead


Today we had an unscheduled U-Lead for the AUSIA division. We are still suffering the blow of a loss of many prominent troops in the ranks, but we did fairly well for an army with only a couple AUSIA mods. We maxed 13 and averaged around 7-10 (unfortunately, I lost the pics so the highest we got in the pics would be 11). Many thanks to all those that came and to Zayn for the pictures. The division is steadily improving, but we definitely need to step up our game.

A reminder to all AUSIA troops: currently, we’re looking for AUSIA mods. Improve yourself, recruit, attend events…do everything in your power to make a difference! We need you!




Comment if you came!

~ puffdaddy