Question of the Day 17.

Greetings, ACP!

Days ago, I asked you “If you could take on the role of a video-game character who would it be?” Here are your best answers:


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Here’s a good question:

“Describe white people in 8 words or less”

Thanks for reading and drive safely.

UK PB with a cheesy twist!

Hey ACP! Today we were supposed to have a practice battle with Shadow Troops however they didn’t attend but Nachos thought it would be awfully cheesy  great to raid our event meaning we had an awesome battle! We maxed 19 and averaged 17. Read on for pictures. 
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Former ACP Leader Kenneth Presents: Cooking with Bam!


Yup, this guy is now ACP Leader

This is Kenneth1000, ACP Captain and former ACP Leader. This is another episode of my weekly series where each week we do something different or at least try to. This week we are featuring Bam, the newly appointed ACP Leader. Yes, you might remember him as the guy who sucks at basketball. I guess Ahmed is okay with Bam “allahu akbaring the site” since he made Bam leader. We hope that Bam does a better job with ACP than he did with DCP! So lets get started, today we are cooking with Bam! (Owning to the nature of Bam, some of this post might be inappropriate for younger viewers. Viewers discretion is advised!)


Click read more to cook with Bam!

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