New Ranking System and Military Organization (. . . Again?!)

Yup, another change to our military organization and ranks. Don’t worry, this should be the last. We will divide the ACP into two Branches: Army and Navy.

Here is how it will go:




  1. Field Marshal (1): Commands the entire Army Branch.
  2. General: Each commands a Division (made up of Brigades).
  3. Colonel: Each commands a Brigade (made up of soldiers).
  4. Major
  5. Captain
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Sergeant
  8. Corporal
  9. Private

Special Forces: Rangers

Skin Color: Green




  1. Fleet Admiral (1): Commands the entire Navy Branch.
  2. Admiral: Each commands a Fleet (made up of Ships).
  3. Rear Admiral: Each commands a Ship (made up of soldiers).
  4. Major
  5. Captain
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Sergeant
  8. Corporal
  9. Private

Special Forces: SEALs

Skin Color: Blue



New Admiral Jacket:


Yeah, a new military-like jacket. This has happened before. Now here’s what comes next: “Can that be our new uniform?”.

No. But we might use it for commanders. So lets vote:


If the majority of you vote “Yes”, there will be certain circumstances. For example: If it is a small battle, the Field Marshal has to dress like all of the other ACP soldiers, otherwise the enemy might think you are a member of another army.

The only time that the leaders would be able to wear the jacket would be if it is an official battle (meaning I had made a post about it, and the time for the battle had been previously set).

P.S. No, this isn’t the first time CP has recycled an old design. Here are a few other examples:



I may be a bit inactive for a couple of weeks. So I would like all ACP soldiers to patrol Mammoth once or twice a day, just to make sure we don’t have any problems there.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

106 Responses

  1. well, uh, second.

  2. hey, funny. tom yellow and tomtwelve the first two comments… I’M BORED!

  3. Fourth comment! Ogalthorp what does the navy uniform look like?

  4. i would like that uniform to be in YES

  5. Reply to comment #3:
    Hi bored. I actually thought your name was tomtwelve.
    But, I guess your name is bored because you said your bored. Am I saying bored to often cause I’m bored too so bye bored.


  7. I like the admiral jacket it is an easy way to tell apart the leaders. That way you know who to listen to because sometimes everyone is shouting different things & you dont know who to listen to. So I think the admiral jacet is a great idea!

  8. I agree with K waddler combltey. Also orgalthorp I would like to alert you about a new threat call NCP (navy of club penguin) There uniform is mainly the white admril jacket. They have been attacking ACP for mammoth. The good news is that we made a peace treaty and all that is over.

  9. i also agree with k wadler
    Ogalthorp wats the non member uniform?

  10. Patriots lost to the Giants lol thats so funny

  11. So, I’m guessing that this will all fall into place, so that current colonels will become majors, generals will become colonels, etc.? Or, will everyone keep their rank through the change except for those who become the Fleet Admiral and Field Marshal? Also, how does the special forces thing work; do they have a normal rank as well as being special forces, or will special forces some how be added as a rank? I don’t fully understand this new system. No offense, Oagal, you’re a good leader and everything, but you need to be more clear with your posts.

  12. yo oagal can i be in the navy i have the admiral jacket and i think u should ask people if they have the admiral jacket before you put them in the navy ill be any rank in the navy just plz put my name up in the ranks

  13. I think it will be a good idea so you know that the person giving the orders is a high ranking soldier. However some lower rank soldiers might wear the jacket so people respect them more and so people listen to them which could lead to arguements, which could jepardise us winning the battle taking place at the time. So im not too sure.

  14. Can i be in the navy? Plus i want to Join and ogal never replied heres my info…

    **CP Name/Name I use of CP websites: Greenday9991
    **Paid membership status: Renewed every month
    **Past CP military experience: Was in CPNG AND CPN
    CPN RANK was 2nd general second highest CPNG Leader
    **How long I have been in the ACP: Was in it for a month.
    **Why I should get a good rank: Have had former war experience, was in ACP, CPN 2nd general, and CPNG leader. I also Helped out at the battle helping the SSACP.

  15. darn, the pats lost… 😦

  16. Sounds good Oagal, you mind if I change from a General to Fleet Admiral? That is my request.


  17. ur gonna be away for weeks? r u going on a trip or something? oagal, heres an idea. ur an admin, tomY is an editor (i think) maybe u should hav a sort of “election” where a few responsible people are nominated and then ppl vote, and the winner gets to be an author or something on this site.

    p.s. wens the next election for ACP governmetn?


  18. blackburnt, fleet admiral and field marshal will almost definitelly be texas and fort.

  19. when are you gonna post everyones ranks oagal?

  20. by the way can i be a captain or major in the army

  21. Oagal when are u gonna post everyones rankings.By the way can be captain or liutenant.

  22. Clinto wanna go on club penguin mammoth server

  23. oagal the only threat now is ncp navy of club peguin

  24. -.- un……

  25. you have opened this…you will get kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life…if you don’t break the chain.Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. however, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. Just copy and paste n send it to 15 pple xcept me…………… when you are done press F6 and your crushes name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is scary cuz it works! no SEND BACKS!!!!!!

  26. Uhhh yeah

  27. Thecuggas…ever heard of a shrink…or a mental clinic…you should check that out…you big freak of nature…

  28. Freak…


  29. sure buzz meet at dojo

  30. hi a im worried about those people in admiral jackets army they attacked inthe dogo iceberg pool dance club and boiler room anyone whos one of them post a comment and say what time in pst[so we can find out when they will attack next ]what sever[most likely to be mamoth]and were.

  31. 3 iceberg 1:51 pst

  32. Oagal, whens the A.N.T.A meeting

  33. 3 dogo mamoth 1:56 pst

  34. press alt F4 and u get something special! trust me, it works!!! 😀


  36. hey oagal,

    I have a growing army called the clubpenguin rainmakers. Me and my fellow troops have dicided that we should have allies incase we would be attacked by another army. May u be allies with us?

    P.S. I am Therinator1 on clubpenguin and if u cant reply to my comment, just IM me.

  37. please dont make any changes, lets just ignore the new clothing item, and all of that other stuff you said. i like the way it is right now.

  38. hey oagalthorp im a rpf meber as you see in my name
    and i happen to be on your chat last night durring the sb some guy asked me to go to acp inc(i work for rpf inc) i asked why. i would of if he dint start calling me names like fag or gaywad i told him im a rpf and he insaulted the rpf i think you should tell your troops to remeber not pick a fight with a ally– admiral tipper1118

  39. Hey Oagalthorp,
    My Army The White Romans Want To ally with you because we want peace with all good(fight for peace,justice,ect). armies So please Contact me if you will. Thanks,

  40. Orgalthorp sir,
    The SSACP has uncovered the top secret info from the UMA/TWA. The UMA and TWA are planing to band together creating the UMT (I think thats the name but Im not sure) Anyway once this info is publicly announced the UMT will declare war on ACP. The SSACP suggests that the ACP wipe out all TWA so that when they band together they will be know threat. Alone the TWA are miner threat. But with the UMA they will become a medium threat. Although that is still not bad it will be enough to bring in more troops to make them a threat. The SSACP is currently working on destorying the TWA But ACP surrport would be appreciated by everyone.

  41. Oagalthrop I vote yes for the uniform change. But some people might impersonate the higher ranking officers.#2 What is the non members uniform. Last but not least how will the ranks change??? By the way are you going on vacation??

  42. cool who watched the super bowl last nite

  43. me

  44. I hope I dont get lowered a rank. I want to prove I can lead!!!!

  45. Oh yeh my mebership ran out so Im gonna use slowmo again like I used to

  46. Oagal can you add me? And give me the rank i asked for (Corporal-Lieutenant). I already asked with the fill-out in the other post…
    And I’d want to be apart of the Rangers…(rangers are teh plox!)
    And I guess that the special forces WILL keep same ranks, cause in the real army the rangers (75th Ranger Infantry Division) keeps all same ranks, and all special forces keep same ranks….in the US army anyways.

  47. hey oagal…
    im not in ACP or anything but….
    why are you changing it again???


  48. nvm

  49. i want a rank!

  50. hi a im head chef on the job list if you want a job say i want a job!

  51. i want a rank look at the post name!

  52. hey acp amigos check out the romans hangout where you can find the latest news on every thing club penguin related

  53. go to the blizzard dogo!

  54. its crazy!

  55. help!

  56. wats happening?

  57. sry, its full

  58. why dont we just use the blue and white jackets the for navy and army uniforms for members?
    (If we do this, I have nonmember uniform ideas)

  59. Im thinking about joining the navy

  60. not the army but about snowland’s idea of navy of acp and army of acp like that

  61. I don’t think you should change the uniform. I like the original better. P.S. I can’t believe the pats lost!!!

  62. can i be a fleet admiral? PLZ PLZ PLZ

  63. i mean not a fleet admiral i want to be a field marshal.

  64. 65th comment!!!

  65. you counted? lol!

  66. im in the UMA and ACP but am loyal only to ACP im user my membership in UMA to get information to the ACP ok.So if u see me in UMA uniform u will know im with u

  67. hey what up oagal and everybody reading this ummmm whats the nonmember uniform

  68. When will there be a new division, i signed up already.

  69. COMON

  70. TomY is there going to be a new post soon???

  71. Vote at this link if you think i should be the rank captain or above:


  73. hi guys,i know i haven’t been on lately but i will try to be back on club penguin.

  74. i get a snow day today!!! ps, 76th comment

  75. No thanks we look to much like that navy army.

    plz post if u should be promited

    plz post if i should be promited

  78. yeah alot of my friends signed up.



  81. Vote at this link if you think i should be the rank Captain or above.The votes must be before Sunday because i will post the results for Oagalthorp then

  82. then its up to oagal

  83. Can I transfer over to the navy division if we heve one

  84. can we transfer to new divisions?

  85. nm dont go to that poll it wasnt fair for vote,go to this new one ill post the results on this page on sunday:

  86. Hey oagal, will you add my army’s site to your blogroll?

  87. hey oagal i like the idea of having the navy and the millitary rank you are a smart guy think of more stuff like that.

    sincerleyl.utanat. sgt jor

  88. Yo!!

    Oagalthrop sorry I haven’t been on these days,but im back.(doing Mid-year exams) I was thinking making airforce,too.But I dont know if you like look can I be a fleet or field commander??

    Peace Out


  90. so bored

  91. nothing special in mammoth in cp but some few
    angry mad Nachos running around throwing snowballs
    saying weird words and i think(i said i think)
    i saw a guy saying cuss words

    report done

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    kind of
    ~ ~;;;;;;

  97. Is it me or do Aunt Arctic’s awnsers get more and more vauge with every newspaper?

  98. Dear Oagalthorp,
    Please e-mail me if I an authorize a girl’s uniform. I am a girl and a soldier! Oh, and by the way, I an’t go to the chat room because my dad said I can’t. How should I be voted on the the higher league of patrol officers?
    Soldier, Messenger, Spy, Protector

    P.S. If you believe in God, please pray for my Papa. He was in a car crash, and broke his pelvis, right leg, and two ribs. He’s doing better now, but I am to young to see him uz he’s in the ICU

  99. Oagal, will you add my army’s site to ur blogroll?

  100. […] Click here and look at the ranks part. This is what I want to do but with less of those lower ranks because we do not have enough people yet. […]

  101. i think yes beacause theen we can tell who to take orders from

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