Changes in the Ownership!

*NOTE: Maxy has also been demoted to 4ic.*

Greetings ACP!

Today I will be changing things around in the AUSIA Leadership! We have been down a bit for a while, now time to bring us up, ready for Star’s Leadership of AUSIA! Hopefully this will make the transition a lot smoother and BETTER! Here’s the whole changes:

New ranks:

Field Marshal

Ahmed 7569, Fluffyboy3, Myma001


Carson4, Jacknat02, Rockstar1819


Agent Brando, Djkb1, Peter9977,  Sonic, Wicked Wickz

Lieutenant General

Chainz, Harry0388, Holly8857, Lionzlover, Tymatt, Spyguy

Rockstar is a new 3ic. Star is a new 2ic. Wicked & Maxy are is now 4ic. 

With these changes comes great responsibility for the upcoming owners. We hope we make the best out of it! Here’s a little introduction to Rockstar:

Rockstar is an enthusiastic, active and great moderator. He has attended almost every event since he’s gotten mod, and just been incredible. I congratulate you, Rockstar, for this much deserved title!

If you see Rockstar on chat, which i’m sure you will, congratulate him on this well deserved title. He will assist Star to keep AUSIA up. Now for Star.

Star has been just as awesome as Rockstar, keeping ACP AUSIA the highest in Armies. She is able to lead & just be amazing. Her new well deserved title, Field Marshall, is again, incredibly deserved. Congratulate Star on her new position. Excellent work, Star. You’re going to be great at leading AUSIA. A true Star.

There it is folks, the newest additions to the army. Have a good time, ACP!


ACP Commander in Chief

3 Responses

  1. Glad to see that Star has been promoted. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m fine with this after all I am finding it hard to make these almost midnight AUSIA events when most mornings I am up at 4:45am. I assume that is why I got demoted. But I have still been helping out UK and sometimes US when I can to make up for it etc. I don’t think that means anything though as I’m AUSIA. I would like an explanation as to why as I have not been gave one yet. Although I assume it’s because of it being impossible 99% of the time to make the AUSIA events. If that’s the reason it’s fine, I just want to be told a reason.
    Thank you,
    Lauren/Wicked Wickz

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