We’ll miss you Mrtchy

Hello Acp!

You were one of the best leaders we ever had, one of the most prominent Ausia leaders of all time. You succeeded in bringing up the Ausia division to the best one in the whole community. So, this is something for you in behalf of the entire Acp community to show you how much we’ll miss you ❤



Here’s what some of us had to say









An interesting doodle for you!



How you were and how you are now!

MRTCHY SWAG         mrtchyyyyyyyyyyyyy


The day you joined Armies

mrtchy   mrtchy!


The day you became an owner in The Army of Club Penguin

new 3ic


The day you became the Leader of The Army of Club Penguin




We will miss you so much Mrtchy!!!!!

You also make epic videos! I love this song ❤ and this video is so cute!


This video was uploaded on April 14, 2010


– Star and the entire Acp community

3 Responses

  1. hehe.

  2. Im gonna miss you bud good luck in ur future

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