[USA Army Force] 1/8 Formation/Advanced Tactics Event

Important Posts:

Hello ACP,

Tonight we had a Formation/Advanced Tactics training session on our capital server Breeze. This was for several new recruits their first event, so I would like to thank Ant-Man and QQQQ2day for joining ACP! Overall the event was successful for the US, especially for a weeknight on a one bar server. We maxed 17 and averaged 15, with great tactics. This event was led by Fluffy and myself and was worth 3 medals for all those who attended (make sure to comment if you made it).

We started off in the town with a horizontal line bending upwards.

Practiced our joke bombs.

Made a pretty awesome looking cross in the ice rink (when everyone did the tactics it was even better, :P)

Our very cool looking diagonal charge

All in all a good event! After the event part finished we went to Cbguy’s igloo for a party at the end with his many puffles. 3 medals to all who attended, make sure to comment! Keep up the success ACPRF and ACP as a whole!


8 Responses

  1. I came and fiirst

  2. I came —

  3. Camezies

  4. I came

  5. i was there and it was cool but my computer wouldnt work rirght

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