Carson’s ACP Recruiting Guide

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Are you tired of that boring chat when hardly anybody is online and there is nobody to talk to?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck. I have a solution to that problem! The secret to having a fun chat with lots of people to talk to is to recruit! Recruiting sounds a bit boring, but ACP dying is also boring.

                                 How to Recruit?

Recruiting is not hard to do at all it’s actually easy to do it just takes some time. There are different ways of recruiting such as, chat recruiting and autotyping and if you have a Twitter account and have followers that play Club Penguin you can tweet stuff like “Join the army of Club Penguin”.

Another thing you can do with Twitter is retweet the tweets from @ACPArmy, all you need to do is click the arrow button on the tweet then click “Retweet”.

Now let’s talk chat recruiting, this is something a bit harder to do because some people on the chat tell an owner or mod that somebody is recruiting an army on a chat, but do not recruit on another army chats as that can cause problems (even war) with the army you are recruiting on. First, tell the recruit about ACP, then as them if they want to join and then if they say yes, link them to the ACP chat.

Let’s talk a bit about my favorite way of recruiting, that is autotyping! If you want to auto type go to Google and type in “Gary Hood’s Autotyper” and download it. Make sure when you are autotyping on Club Penguin to not use your main penguin it can get you banned and you do not want that to happen so use a spare penguin.

Now, you are all ready to recruit and to make the chat more fun by bringing more people here to talk to and to attend our events. As I said, it might be a little boring for you but it is worth it it will get you promotions, medals, and more people to talk to. Always remember this, recruiting is the key to victory and will really help out the army a lot. By the way, last week you guys have gotten lots of new recruits so good job on that one guys! Have lots of FUN recruiting!

-Carson ACP 3ic

2 Responses

  1. I need some Mac autotypers. Got any suggestions? The script on ACPRF doesn’t work (I don’t know how to make that kind of file with Autotyper).

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