Party Sneak Peek!


There is a sneak peek of the upcoming new party in Club Penguin this friday. I believe it will be an underwater party. That means that Club Penguin will be underwater and when the machine to save the Migrator is ready, you must search the pieces of the Migrator in the sea and you will have a reward.

P.S: This will be a short post because I have to study for a HUGE quiz which will be this friday!. So, I will be offline for a few days.

EDIT: I am very sorry if I could not write a post about the underwater party.


This is everything…by now!


109 Responses

  1. hmm so thats why theres a submarine…

  2. darn, tthird

  3. Psst, TomY i think when a quiz is huge, they call it a test, lol 😀 (EYES) (eyes r mine btw)

    Tom Yellow: I always say “Huge quiz” so I am not worried if it’s huge. 🙄

  4. oagal, collinz quit, so i am now second in command of PRA.

  5. ok, i made a new header for SSACP, and its like oagals, it changes like a slideshow sorta, but i dont know how to upload it. can someone tell me how?

    (P.S. Oagal, wat program did u use to make urs? i used GIF)

    Tom Yellow: I use Beneton Movie GIF.

  6. o ya, according to the archives, this site is a year old, i guess.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACP SITE!!!! 😀 :mrgreen:

    Tom Yellow: Yeah, according to the day that RFS (the administrator of CP forums) kicked the ACP from the CP forums. 😦

  7. first post on ths site, according to the archives, was on February 18th, almost 1 year ago. it is February 14th, so on Monday (which is presidents day for the US, and Family day (lol) for canada) this ACP site is a year old!!! LETS HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

  8. ok, yea i use GIF too. u know, one way we could end the ‘boredom’ is just to declare war on somebody. i know that sounds ‘mean’ and ‘unjust’, but think of it this way.

    UMA is always attacking us and they wer hackers and such, they hate us wen they get the tiniest reason to hate us. I say, we’ve put up with their insolence enough. I would not be suggesting this if we actually had stuff to do, but i think we should declare war on the UMA. and this time, not just a half a month war. we need organized battles. Planed battles oagal, and this time, the war should last until the UMA is no more.

    If we wiped out the UMA, then think of all the peace that would occur. The “villain” army would be gone, and ACP, RPF and other good armies can finally start organizing stuff.

    Oagal think about this. i would not necessarily suggest this, if we have had stuff to do. but in the short time ive been in ACP, i have come to dislike the UMA. and i am putting that phrase lightly.

    It would be a huge war, probably. One with many losses, but now is our advantage time. Since we’ll hav something to do, we’ll be ‘excited’ and prepared before them, adn since they are smaller rite now, its our time to strike.

    this is just an idea, nothing else. i am proposing the motion of war, but i am not goin to war, unless u order us to.

    and my other ideas were, a practice battle with watex, and u should have that promotion day. AND DO THE GOVERNMENT ELECTION PLZ


  9. ps, sry for the massive comment (hav another contest to see who can make the most comments! im having one on SSACP site)

  10. 11

  11. Maz the last thing we need on our hands is a war. I know what you mean but most of them are rough. The only reason they’re called that is that they fought aainst us. But UMA is good and prob. have always bean good. It’s just ACP and UMA hadv different opinions. Like Republicans and Democrats. UMA isnt that bad. So stop making fun of them. Disliking UMA is an opinion but since we are allies we would be the ones threatning CP peace. UMA almost beat us in the war yah know. Back then they were equal to us, and they can do it again. REMEMBER THIS IS FUN. Maybe this would get us out but a full on war isnt the answer maz. We shouldn’t destroy the A.N.T.A over boredom.

  12. that was the smartest comment i made my whole life go me

  13. Hi there u lot
    Cant wait till the party 🙂 🙂

  14. I think the prize will be something like a new pin or maybe something water based e.g. a different coloured snorkel and goggles.

  15. that looks exciting 🙂

    Join and become a feared penguin all over club penguin

  17. actually, no ernie. I wasnt making fun of UMA, i was simply stating reasons why we should go to war with them. i do realize that there are many reasons NOT to go to war, it was just a suggestion

  18. i dont go to school friday!!!!!!!!

  19. I had a two hour delay thanks to freezing rain it froze the roads.
    THanks alot salt trucks. I wish I had the day off

  20. Yo!!

    Hello Oagalthrop…Me and My Cousin (Diaa Lotfi) made an army called DAK it’s been 1 month since we made it can DAK be allies with ACP and it’s a big army and organized…Please Oagalthrop add the DAK site to the ACP blogroll here is the site :

    Until Then…DAK Salute
    AK47 For Everyone!!

  21. Hey Everyone! Hey Tom Yellow what kind of quiz is it? Is it math or what.

    Tom Yellow: You guessed. It’s math. 😦

  22. ur lucky corvette, this year we havent got any snw or sleet or freezing rain 😛

  23. here will t6he party be at ? i gottas come e-mail me at or

  24. eeek! math, thats wat i almost failed. i got a 59% :S
    and i thought i was good at math 🙄 o well, just remember 1+1=1 and you’ll should be good! :p


  25. SSACP contest is over, whew almost 500 comments

  26. sigh, barely anyone comments or even bother visiting my site. Lots of people say my site sucks or even worse, swearing about my blog. Sigh It makes me feel sad

  27. sigh, barely anyone comments or even bother visiting my site. Lots of people say my site sucks or even worse, swearing about my blog. Sigh It makes me feel sad,,,,

  28. I have another account called kuku which is my cousins. He usually comes to my house to comment. Used the wrong one sorry

  29. I do pretty well in math but I cant stand writing

  30. i am pretty good at school overall but i have trouble with science

  31. I know this is kinda gay but…Happy Valentines Day you guys…

  32. lol, it was kinda gay. But this is gayer. I LOVE U ALL.
    Just kidding. that would be creepy

    Tom Yellow: 😕

  33. omg

  34. is it just me or is ACP chat not workin plz respond quick.

  35. its very cool and its fort57 approved


    Tom Yellow: Removed the bold part.


  38. Hi Oagal its me Pinata246. I’ve been in ACP Since December 2006…… umm i was wondering would you and me meet in penguin? I want to help ACP and become more than just a soldier…. Just arrange the time and date and i will be glad to meet you

  39. Headofpolice, website Rules: No Spamming, no typing in bold, italics, or crossthroughs.

  40. Btw, happy National Break-up day! Lol.

  41. lol, I HAVE FAMILY DAY ON MONDAY!!! lol, wat a cheap idea for a holiday

  42. Go to ClubPenguin Army News!
    Where the truth is told!
    Where secrets are revealed!
    Where every detail of every war is exposed!
    Where scandals are published!
    Where? At !

  43. SSACP Red Alert! I repeat, SSACP Red Alert! We have a mole!


  45. lol Mazachster I have Family Day too. Guess who made it up? The Ontario Provincial Government! How lame.

    BTW I got 100 on your quiz

  46. i got a 50 on ur quiz awww. I thought u were a bag of cookies :mrgreen:

  47. I have family day too. Lame holiday.

  48. lol, zehroy, go to my site and u’ll find it!!!

  49. the party started today and it rules! the night club is a sunken ship!!!! 🙂

  50. Hey you guys, as a bystander with no army, I just wanted to tell you that you have absolutely NO patrols on Mammoth. You NEED to orginize yourselfs to get some good patrols going. I also think that you need to have more battles!


  52. ogal fort said he wont be on much this weekend

  53. This party is awesome! I love the Night Club!

  54. there are some ppeople attacking mamoth everywhere


  56. Tom, I can’t beleive you. Taylors pic isn’t fake theres only one program that can make fake wordpress posts, and thats very old for the OLD wordpress. It was obviously true then. TOMY im ashamed. Why take down UMA? Theres a gang in ACP called the KKACP ‘ive heard that is bent on destroying peace. Well watevr.

    Hey guys check this out guys.
    In 2012 a planet named Planet X might crash into us and kill us all. noooo

    Tom Yellow: I can’t believe you were so blind to see that it is a fake. I hope this comment was only a prank!

  57. pfft, are u blind, that pic is such a fake copy and paste

  58. you should join neopets at this link: neopets is really fun!!!

  59. I’ll see if I can make A fake post of tomy saying stuff to prove that is a fake.

  60. It was to easy for me to make a fake. I will see if I can get it up soon.

  61. hello i would like to have a meting with oagalthorp
    at aney time plz anser back


  63. Destroy ACP!

  64. sir i had an idea for a mega war between two teams. The Allied Club Penguin armies consisting of-
    Watex Warriors
    Rebel Penguin Federation
    Underground Mafias Army

    vs. the Club Penguin Empire consisting of
    Marine Corps
    Army of Club Penguin

    This way a new war will arise and no one will get bored!!! Sounds good?
    The prize is divided whoever wins

    If the CPA wins
    UMA controls UMA north
    RPF controls USA Central
    WW controls USA South

    ACP contols UK
    Nahcos control Canada
    MC controls Asia

    If the CPE wins, the they claim
    ACP controls USA North
    MC controls USA Central
    Nachos Contol USA south

    RPF controls Canada
    WW controls UK
    UMA controls Asia.


  65. CP Revolution!
    Cp Revolution!
    Join me for CP revolution!
    Join the GWM destroy ACP!CP revolution!
    Make a change!
    To destroy ACP!
    CP revolution!
    GWM wants…
    NO ACP!


    OR… JOIN US!

  67. lol Zorbeaon, your annoying.

  68. to join awesome army!

  69. How can i be annoying if I havent been on fopre OVER a week?

  70. CP Revolution!

  71. I fell like causing some trouble in mammoth … ILL START NOW!

  72. TOM YELLOW……………………..S-U-C-K-S
    (country rock version! man i hate country rock I stay away from it)

    He! That can make a great song!


  74. omg, wont you ever shut up zorbean

  75. maybe maybe not

  76. I might stop mazachster, but thats unlikely

  77. U cant destroy ACP, with one person. YOU ARE RETARDED. FACE IT!!!!!!

  78. I have decided to finally bow down to Zorbeaon!

  79. Im not saying that someone is doing this to me!

  80. *cough *cough …loser…. *cough

  81. OMG Zorbeaon you really need to stop hating acp it’s quite annoying to see you’re weird post.

  82. Hello. I am the new leader of BB. Our site is which was made November 21, 2007.

    ~ Santa0704

  83. And I think we should have a war againts UMA since know there a bit weak I think it will be not that hard.Oh and I remember once in a comment someone thougt that the nachos and UMA were making a secret army.THen BOOM UWA came and wants to destroy us like Zorbeaon.LOLZ

  84. BB is not a big threat once we were in a big war I was with Rlin oh we had so much fun.

  85. Is Rlin in ACP ?

  86. ‘Cause once we were in a little group of people in black.And we were mad at each other for being girls or boys becouse this one personne said girls are weak when I said I was a girl.

  87. LOL
    We are having a fight in North pole this is fun!Red agaist Blue!And one of my first friends is ignoring me oh how sad.NOT!!!Oh do you guys know Bluzzzy?

  88. What room is the snowball fight in?

  89. shawty got low low low low low

  90. FYI, the GWM has Augustnan, KBDslayer (sortof),Yobeboxy,Banditrober (this is so funny when he goes on the login screen it says ” Banditrobe”), and we are allys with alot of ACP enemys!

  91. The 100th Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Yeah, TomY as you already know, we’re fighting at the dojo. It’s not going to well

  93. Now I’m pretty sure we are having another fight at one pst. I’ll be there!

  94. every acp to dance lounge now!!!!!

  95. in mammoth

  96. nevermind we won 🙂

  97. Hey! Lets have a party at my igloo in mammoth!

  98. Hey! Lets have a party at my igloo in mammoth!

  99. every one go to my igloo in mammoth!

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