Armies in Decline

It seems that, because of schoolwork, many armies are now becoming inactive; their websites are viewed less and less. The ACP, RPF, and many other major armies are no exception.

How will we pull CP out of this recession? You decide. I would like every viewer of this site to post a comment suggesting what we can do to get the ACP and other armies bigger and more active. If I see some exceptionally good ideas, I will take them into action.



Yes, we will be changing the ranks, site, and everything else as soon as possible. So just stick with us and you will soon be rewarded. 😉


Keep up the good work! Despite the recession in CP armies, the ACP soldiers have managed to keep a firm grip on Mammoth and the rest of our nation! Bravo, and keep at it!


Be back soon . . .


Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome (especially today)-

292 Responses

  1. lol starting tomorrow I have to study for an exam. I’m a straight A kid with no B’s so I have to study a lot these 2 weeks. Also check out my new website!

  2. fourth fifth, ahh who cares

  3. Sixth!
    I don’t really want to start a war, but maybe we should help defend the UMA From the UWA? Maybe we should have more Leaders Of The Troops? Maybe I could get my own brigade?
    Please don’t hurt me for suggesting.

    ::::.Sheila Gally.::::

  4. well school is important then games

  5. Maybe go on cp and recute more people. Go on CP more then two times a day. And have more fun stuff on the site. Start our nation. Make youtube videos to recute more. And make a show on youtube about what is like in a CP army. These are my suggestions.


  6. Oagalthorp, if you got my e-mail ,you know that I was requesting a switch to Admiral in the ACP navy. I take that back I want to remain in the Army branch as general of Kappa Brigade like you set me. But, if I can be a Fleet Admiral, I’ll gladly go to the Navy 🙂

    Kappa Brigade General Blackburnt

    P.S: it seems as if Collinzfresh, Leader of PRA has ressigned. Myself and another PRA site official are partially taking over.

  7. sigh. Once in a while just like penguin chat 3, cp will get replaced and renamed penguin chat land. Then it will get replaced again and will become penguin land.

  8. we should have the battles later in the day like at 7pm so like to study or do homework when you get home from school or whatever but im a straight A student these are my suggestions.

    braves z

  9. if you have any questions email me @

  10. I really think the ACP should help UMA defeat the TWA or UWA or something like that.


  12. I think that the acp and rpf should help the small armies more. Then they could advertise them on their websites. that would make thm bigger and help them grow then thay could be a huge help. The acp and rpf should focus on patrols more and use this time for friendly snowball fights and practice battles. Also please visit my site.

  13. Well, the armies are doing as much as they can to stay open. But Oagalthorp what you can do is finish the DRACP Flag Contest, make more lotteries, and maybe, (now I know you aare busy) you can get to know your Soldiers more, go on the Chat daily, things like that. People are getting tired of you saying your going to do something and you don’t do it. Maybe you should have people to help you with the website.

  14. hmmm… if armies arent doing much…. Listen UWA is UMA they joined forces with TWA and TWA are enemies so idk. But maybe just maybe we could do practice wars with RPF. That will get some things going. But no offence RPF but we’ll probably win

  15. everyone check out my website. I have no comments sigh

  16. My friend thinks that we should hold off battles until the summer!!! I just think that would make our armies die down even more. NVM he just changed his mind.

  17. I think that bigger armies should allie smaller armies so other ppl would join them.Kind of like what goldraider said.
    P.S. Will you plz add my army’s site to ur blogroll?

  18. sigh about 20% of the reason is planet cazmo. Paintboy, Antras, Chewit, Vital as said in a blog have started played planet cazmo. Chewit and Paintboy could have quit and began playing it since their blogs hadn’t been updated for a while. Sooner or later, cp will become penguin chat 1 where no one bothers to play that game again.

  19. we must have some way to counter act school!!

  20. yes we must throw sausage at school!

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  27. Guys you should play Planet Cazmo, Sorta like CP. If you decide to join, join now because if you join now you will become a beta, and if you want a beta hat you have to go to the theater.

  28. dont know guess he was jeolous of my delicous sausageness

  29. ur right i guess ham sucks

  30. I think armies should all advertise on each-others site! Then if one person goes to one army site he’ll/she’ll basically know of all the armies!

  31. no dont feel bad ham is great u know wat sucks canadian sausage

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  37. Or we can throw Canadian Bacon.

  38. you know oagal I think we should just change the site now. Think twice before saying the site will be changed in 2 weeks cause since u said that its been like maybe more. Also we should have to make joining only one army. Chrisdude made an army and I really think one army is enough cause then its like oh we meet on chat today bla bla bla and we got too much homework etc. Since acp and rpf are the 2 leaders of CP armys for now I think we should make a rule that u can only join one army.

  39. whats wrong with canadian bacon?

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  51. i feel like ham suks in every country

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  54. did i miss something???

  55. No! Let’s throw broccoli at school! The teachers will be busy trying to make us eat it, so then we will sneak out of school and play videogames! 😀

  56. oh and everyone please visit

    Well, actually, I made it up in September(see, but I never went through with it because my website wasn’t popular enough at the time. Anyway, the idea is a JOINFEST! For _ number of days, everyone would go out and get people to join. Then, at thje end of the last day, they would put the names of the people they recruited in a comment. The person who recruited the most people would win a prize!(ex: Promotion, award, cash, etc.) Please take this into consideration.

    March On!
    -The Jungle N
    PS: Sir, is it true you like Naked Brothers Band kuz I do. I heard someone say that u did and I was happy to hear that not EVERYBODY hates them. But I wanna know the truth. Do you like the Naked Brothers Band?

  58. Well here is a suggestion:since people seem to have much more homework these days,we should put homework tips on this site and advertise that we have homework tips. That way,people that have loads of homework can come to this site and be aware of club penguin and join the ACP. I like the idea of maybe having youtube videos,because that would draw more people to this site also. There could be youtube videos on how great club penguin is. To get more people on club penguin,all we need to do is tell all of our friends about it. That will make a huge difference concidering how many people there are in ACP. About our homework issue,our homework tips should help people get done with their homework faster,and we could also put a calculator on the page with the homework tips. Maybe as an extra addition,we could make a homework chat where people come on RIGHT after school,where people can help each other with their homework. I hope you concider my suggestions.

  59. Perfect plan to avoid school:
    1. Everyday, everyone annoys the teachers JUST A LITTLE BIT, not enough to get in trouble.
    2. Eventually, they will get fed up. They will give everybody lunch detention.
    3. While everyone’s at lunch detention, the cafeteria will loose money because nobody’s at lunch.
    4. The teachers will be forced to release the kids.
    5. This will get them even angrier.
    6. They will then all flip out and be carried to the local asylum. That gives you a few days’ break as the chool figures out ow to get that many subs.
    7. Then , during the night, we have people go to the school. They egg the windows. When the morning janitors come, we knock them out.
    8. When all the subs come, they think it is a disgusting shcool because there are gotten eggs everywhere(the eggs were layed the first night; this is a few days later). They leave and the school goes out of business.
    9. Your parents will send you to another school. Do the same thing with that one, the next one, and all of the ones in your area.

  60. Maybe we could start a after school club on the chat. We could all help each other with homework. And plus we can talk about battle plans after we do homework. We could advertise the club on Club Penguin. What do u think, ACP. We still make battle plans, and plus make homework easier.

  61. GREAT IDEA! PERFECT! That with the joinfest would DEFINETELY get ACP back on track. O hey Ctar, what’s your Club Penguin name?

  62. check out the new story and a sneak peek at

  63. This is my idea.

    To keep the armies active, we should start by forging close alliances. For example, Oagal, do you remember how the ACP and CPM were such close allies that they fought side-by-side in nearly every battle? They were practically one army split into two divisions with seperate leaders. We should forge these strong bonds with other armies, such as the RPF and UWA. We need to all band together and take care of tiny gangs once and for all. We should also have more wars. And I’m not talking about practice battles; I’m talking about two armies, battling to the end for no good reason, just for fun. That’s what made the CPM fun when I first joined. And, there should be a WordPress blog for all of the army leaders; you or Commando would make the blog, and you’d make all the other army leaders editor’s. It’d be like CP army central. We should also have recruitment parties like the FBV.

    I know my plan sounds like a lot of different choices, but it would be the most effective if all of those things are done.

    Thanks for reading the Nono Plan!

  64. no u fools we need more ham!

  65. wrong again ham!!!!!! We need more tasty sausage!

  66. both of u are wrong we need canadian bacon!!!!!

  67. oagal the armies and cp are getting seen less we should start promating them on cp even more. I need people visiting our sites like

  68. check out the new story and a sneak peek at

  69. Well have to settle this in battle! Ham formation!!!!!!

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  74. Jungle N My CP name is Ctar, lol, bo.

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  76. its about time we agree on something

  77. Yup

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  79. It may be a good idea to ally with formerly large armies that are weakening, so that they have support if they are attacked by more powerful armies. The alliance/fusing of UMA and TWA was a good idea to keep the two armies from slowly disappearing, giving them a larger army to work with. As for us, I think we are less at risk than some other major armies, but it can be tough to work around the constant changing of leaders that UMA and other armies have gone through recently. I think the practice wars are a good idea to keep everyone involved, and continuing to recruit more soldiers couldn’t hurt either.

  80. Yeah, school is even beginning to take it’s tole on me, finally. I have English, which is brutal, plus I have a cold right now, so it really stinks. I have about 50 minutes right NOW to start and finish an ENTIRE English assignment, so I’m deciding if I should do it or not…

  81. Oh what the heck. 0’s all around!!!!! 😀

  82. Actually wait, if I don’t do it, then I can’t go on the computer for at least a month… 😦

  83. So I guess I’ll do it.

  84. Why can’t I comment!?


  85. That’s better.

  86. Cp sucks! Go Runescape!!! CP is for 8 year olds seriously.

  87. Well, the main problem with people is that people stink at organizing and planning out homework and stuff, so everyone always has tons of homework piled up. (even me, lol) So, I don’t know, it’s really people’s decisions to get themselves more organizing.

    (P.S. Anyone have any good advice for “dealing” with English teachers? Because mine scares me. He’s like: If you plagarize, I will bring the wrath of god down on you!!! And he was serious, and his face is… yeah.)

  88. Anyone know how to speak french? I cAan!

    Comment allez vous? Je m’appelle Peguin. J’aime jouer au basket. Au revoir!

  89. Hola! Como esta?

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  96. lucky 101! Checkout my new website! no one is commenting on my site!

  97. Ive noticed the same thing Oagal, its just that nothing is happening. Im worried that the only possible way to get out of this decline is to start a war. The thing is there is no hostile army in existance at the moment. So were going to have to think up something. Contact me on AOL some time because things are really starting to decline for every army.

    – Commando717

  98. Go to and click Club Penguin Mad Libs for _____(adjective) puzzles!

  99. go salami

  100. Do you know how to_______ play Club_________.
    verb animal
    It’s really________. You get to meet new_______.
    verb noun

    Yep. I’m a mad libs fan!

  101. im think that when ogalthorp is not able to be at a war or a meeting or something like that ther should be a back up leader maby me.

  102. p.s i think that when the uma has ther practics war every satureday we should ambush them and take them prisoner

  103. have an army exhibition. email me if u want to find out more about it


    my site

  104. I do think part of the problem is that there haven’t been any major wars recently. As bad as it sounds, without wars, people become bored with the armies and leave to do something else.


  106. you could advertise in other servers but in the summer cp will be very active

  107. 111

  108. U know wat Commando, ur idea and my idea might work. How about a war. ACP vs RPF. Practice. Good publicity.

  109. That’s right, ACP needs something to do. Let’s see, what did Oagal used to post about:
    Wars (None really right now)
    Flag Contest (That’s a possibility Oagal)
    Army News (You could start posting like the RPF about army news more)
    PARTY!!! (Oagal, get TomY to host a huge party for you :D!!!)
    Practice War (We haven’t had one in awhile)
    Lottery (Haven’t had one in awhile)
    ELECTION (For the government, we haven’t had one in a really long time)

    How about a new contest, like, umm…. Design the new ACP Header, or something, lol. Actually, not that one, because noone can make a better header than Oagal anyway, I’d say.

  110. I dunno have a new catchphrase/Motto instead of “March on”…it sounds a bit old…

  111. Oh and mazachster…SUCKUP bigtimes 🙄 you shouldve earesed the ACP header contest but you didnt so…you are a SUCKUP…ass kisser…

  112. And also Naruto500…naruto is the biggest geek game in the world…and i mean serious Runescape…you die and then you cant play anymore…Because your stuff goes away…Retard 🙄

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  114. Mr.Gigglesworth…you have issues…

  115. Oh…yes…what…oh right continue…heh…you should also start a “National Anthem”…and a battle song…

    ……………………………………..[ -_-]…………………….

    This moment was brought to you by me…ME…MEEEEE!!!

  116. i have an idea.We make a website for signing up for armies and we post their names on a page where it
    states that theyre now a soldier and they agreed to the terms and conditions.There will be pages.They will be

    RPF sign ups
    Nacho sign ups
    UMA(UPFA) sign us
    PRA sign ups
    ACP sign ups
    Roman sign us
    And more

    We will advertise it by asking owners of famous blogs
    Like Watex,Chewitt Dude,and Paintboy100.A lot of eole visit that site a week so it will be a good idea for advertising.
    The sign up site
    Dont expect it to be done.
    Im on my wordpress account.

  117. um..have meetings later in the evening so you can get work done or like me and the AOH have meetings on Saturdays and Sundays,but like me and some others we have church on Sundays so i dunno…

  118. Maybe you should share power that way we can still have a commander.

  119. I want to take control of ACP but I don’t have a blog.

  120. I think we should put out a survey or a poll on the website to decide maybe 1 or 2 days in the week where all ACP soldiers should come onto CP and rally troops or defend CP. This would allow 5 or 6 days of school work and non ACP related things e.g. meeting with friends on CP. However we would have 1 or 2 days e.g. Monday and Friday, to do what ACP does best DEFENDING CP.

    Thanks for reading.

    From Lieutenant Spikey Emo of Echo Brigade

    March On!

  121. Maby if you reply to my e-mails and comments you will have another soldier and not an enemy.

    P.S. I have an army.

  122. dear oagal,
    Being that we have an alliance, we need help against the UACP. We have declared war on them and need ur help. Lil window 10 has came up with an ambush plan. we dont know the date yet, but will soon. Therinator will tell u the plan on AIM.

    PLZ HELP US!!!!

  123. Wait, how about a: PRACTICE BATTLE WITH WATEX!!! The last one was the funnest ever!!! Let’s do it again!!!

  124. And maybe another contest to see who makes the most comments on one of your posts, but the comments have to be ON topic.

  125. Trylltr, im not blaming anyone, but im sick and tired of suck ups too. you should get ranks for what u do not talk about. 🙄

  126. im with stupid ^^^^^^^^^ lol im dumb

  127. NVM about the war. UACP surrenderd when we posted the war declaration.

  128. and guys shutup a about freaken canadian bacon!!!!! god!!! oohhh and Collinzfresh is like dead. WELL I PRETTY MUCH HATE THIS BOREDOM. I know how my cousin (in UWA) feels about no wars and wage war thing. -_-. i think we should make a big army called the RCB and battle it with ACP!!!!

    RCB= retarded canadian bacon

    Oh and heres a cooler way to get rid of school. (By urself)

    1. But a gernade
    2. Throw it at the school.

    TA DA!!!!
    I did that yesterday and im posting from juvi!!!!

    Am i talking to much….
    If you read this whole post ur retarded

  129. well, I don’t know what to do because school is more important than games.

  130. ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺

    I heard the Game Plan A army is planning to start gathering troops and try to take over all of CP…

    I also saw this penguin telling people to join the Game Plan A army too…

    Please find someone find out what there doing!!


  131. Oagal can u put my armys site on ur blogroll and allies list the site is

    P.S:I still want to be in the ACP

  132. ok everyone we need 3 tons of ham to succeed with ham comes great power!!

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  145. guys i gotta new email
    its not quakeking anymore
    now its
    ok so if you have any questions you can email me!

  146. Bring it on TOMY! I’m waiting!!

  147. visit my site at . Theres stories, puzzles and other news headline around club penguin

    C.N.A.S- TV
    We give you info everywhere!
    – peguin21795, anchor of C.N.A.S- TV news

  148. Ctar u totaly copied my idea about the chat!

  149. Hey Oagal,
    I think that you should have a couple of co-authors (5 or 10) that you email every day before the day that you are will have to make a post (such as a Thursday before a new clothing catalog) you should email the group of authors and tell them what you would like to see in the post. The next day if you haven’t (due to lots of homework or somthing)made the post they will for you! In my opinion this is an extremely good idea that will work sucessfully. Also, if you do decide to go with my idea please let me be one of the authors!

    ~ Corporal Shades2you
    PS Kwadler: 2 great minds think alike 😉

  150. Also, today my teacher got mad and spoke 2 fast and said,”Don’t talk when I’m taco” 🙄
    My friends and I mixed it up and came up with,” Dell Taco when I’m talking”

  151. mi taco es su taco

  152. I just got finished reading all the comments.

  153. check out my website at for puzzles, fun mad libs/puzzles and news headlines!

  154. check out my website at for puzzles, fun mad libs/puzzles and news headlines

  155. Can I be leader that would help

    Oagalthorp: Yes that would help us a lot you are a great leader.

  156. and I conclude that . . .

    I have been getting bored on club penguin lately and there is reason for that . . . there aren’t any wars.

    It’s annoying. You pizza toppings need to shut it. But in my opinion, we need 5,000 tons of PIE! (yes, pie) in order to win ANY battles. :mrgreen:
    TO Trylltur & the OAGAL IMPERSONATOR:
    Trylltur, you don’t even know who you are messing with do you? Mazachster is currently a General in the ACP, and Master Spy of the SSACP. It reminds me of Jjimmyjoecrew and a situation he got himself into when he cursed me out while I was leader of the Club Penguin police. . . ahh . . . Good times. Congratulations Oagal impersonator for being one of the first to actually spell Oagalthorp right. (Lol.)

    TO THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO BE AUTHORS OR EDITORS OR LEAD BRIGADES ETC.: Don’t even try if you know it won’t work. If you wonder when it won’t work It works for all of you:
    It won’t work.

    WHOEVER HATES RUNESCAPE: RuneScape is pretty fun so don’t judge Naruto. Man, there are alot of stereotypes and judgers here.

    So everyone is saying these things:

    1. More Wars

    2. Homework help (I might take this into self-consideration)

    3. Help on this website; Even though we know we have about a 80% chance that this will not happen.

    Okay, I’m done!


  157. Wow, what a long comment.

  158. Okay, aracroth prepare to be IP Banned, or e-mail banned, or User name Banned. Basically saying, Don’t do that!

  159. were you insulting my comment?

  160. cuz it sounds like you were

  161. I need help! How do you reduce square roots? Also what is a hyptenous?

  162. Wow, there are so many comments!

  163. LOL. If you post a homework section, I probably won’t understand what your saying. I’m in a lower grade than you. (DONT WORRY I KNOW MULTIPACTION) xD

  164. What’s up peguin21795? Je parle un peu de Francais! (Am I saying this right?) I know! We should start an ACP French Brigade! 🙂

  165. Hi
    I on my holidays 🙂
    But I gotta do school work 😥
    Ok I suggest that it would be easy to
    Just stop the WARS.
    All the wars happen because they hate ACP and all the ally’s guts
    If you really want to protect Club Penguin then stop!
    You would be easier for you to stop the wars in club penguin and for your self and your work to end the ACP

  166. i do too dj, anyway . . . Oagal, I was “exploring” on xat and registered . . . and now I’m not a Moderator on ACP Chat so, I need that problem fixed, please.

  167. Euginator, we haven’t had a war in a while which is CAUSING us to be like this. And besides, there’s a new policy, ONLY fun wars are allowed on CP. Unless an army wants Servers to protect, etc.

  168. Yo!!

    Hello Oagalthrop…Me and My Cousin (Diaa Lotfi) made an army called DAK it’s been 1 month since we made it can DAK be allies with ACP and it’s a big army and organized…Please Oagalthrop add the DAK site to the ACP blogroll here is the site :

    Until Then…DAK Salute
    AK47 For Everyone!!

  169. ok darth ham and darth sausage go to @#&% hell
    canada rocks just as much as usa,has better sausage,ham and bacon and has awsome beer.

    P.S:srry for language Oagal,I blocked it for saftey

  170. Cool I have a website for theives on CP.You guys are like my role models except I steal you don’t oh well.

  171. If you wanna learn stealth and quickness please come to

  172. i got the results from my poll i left it for a few days but heres the results:
    no other votes

    what is your disicion Oagal?

  173. Please join my blog and learn the three S’s


  174. Please join my site Fever would you visit my site and tell me if you like it

  175. theres a new party sneak peak and it looks like the problem will be good.

  176. It’s not just armies. My website got about 500 views a day during the summer. Now it gets less than 300. Everything will be fine when summer comes Oagal.

  177. 194th comment!

  178. you go into a world war with one of the big armies

  179. Hi

  180. Hey there! This site is one of the best ones I have seen. I would love to be on it’s blogroll. I’ll even add it to mine!
    Comment back your response. Thanks!

  181. ALMOST 200TH


  183. This is a comment. You can edit it or delete it. (WordPress lessons with Maz :mrgreen:) lol

  184. beep. ROCK ON NAT WOLFF AND NBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. and tomtwelve what IS your site?

  186. that naruto guy doesnt know anything RS sucks and Perfect world an cp rock


  188. I do admit that i havent visited cp and this site in a while because of school, too. But ill try to get on if i can.

  189. PRA..collinz has left

  190. […] Armies in Decline Posted on February 10, 2008 by oagalthorp It seems that, because of schoolwork, many armies are now becoming inactive; their websites are viewed less and less. The ACP, RPF, and many other major armies are no exception. […]

  191. Im Still with cstar we could all go on and help eachother with homework…… I have a huge test depending if i go on to the next grade or stay back so i barely have time for cp,,,,,so we should help each other so acp could be more than just an army we could be like a club for all penguins….. P.s when are elections?

  192. I think we should schedule a rally in mammoth and deep freeze to get a lot of soldiers active.

  193. Oagl you stink I will eliminate u! CP Revolution!
    My plan is working to the boss’ delight!



  195. you imposter you are not are leader. pink mafia you should stay off of are site

    or else.

  196. I do anything ANYTHING to destroy ACP! (ok almost anything)

  197. Here i am! I like dancing so much that im gona bow down to the allmighty zorbeaon and disband my army forever so he can rule CP!

  198. dabadabadabadadoo!


  199. Thats not Oagal. It’s Zorbeaon. And Oagal would never do that, even in a133425346475437356735734518971934753755727542347682396789249876908287627734268974286402748429076720767248671997776665566611616565776768678764833212626773737563735755637 years.

  200. Zorbeaon why do u even bother to come this website if ur going to act this way. Next time don’t come to this site at all.

  201. I got great way of getting reate of school…..

    1. Say something to the teachers like “the priceable said that u’ll get less pay days.” This made them mad.
    2. The teachers go on streack. But it has to be big and long like the writers streack.
    3. It would take days to get new subs. Wile we get more recrutes.
    4. Prank on the new subs making them quite or join the streack.
    5. Blow the school up and blame it on Iran.
    6. No more school. We have more time on CP and wars + nations.


  202. All ACP bow down to Zorbeaon! Or your fired from ACP!

  203. I am not saying that! Someone must be trying to frame me! Im serious!

  204. Oagalthorp u r fake u dickhead! the real oagalthorp wouldnt say that!

  205. acp rules!!!!

  206. I think the problem is that people are outgrowing Club Penguin faster than ACP can recruit soldiers. We should hold recruiting parties. I’m not a member, so I can’t do it, though. In addition, people who are still in ACP aren’t always at all the battles. We need to boost the morale and motivation of our soldiers. Perhaps we should start ACPC (Army of Club Penguin Chaplains.) Sometimes it just helps to talk things over with people in the comfort of your own igloo.

  207. By the way, Nono’s plan seems pretty good too. It may be what we need to boost the morale and motivation of our soldiers. Perhaps we could also have just for fun parties for ACP soldiers. Not in anyone’s particular igloo, just on a particular server. Maybe we could have parades and stuff. In order to find recruits, we could have people tell other people about ACP by being security at the Pizza Parlor, Pet Shop, Gift Shop, and Sport Shop.

  208. Good idea. To those of you who forgot the Nono Plan, here it is:

    To keep the armies active, we should start by forging close alliances. For example, Oagal, do you remember how the ACP and CPM were such close allies that they fought side-by-side in nearly every battle? They were practically one army split into two divisions with seperate leaders. We should forge these strong bonds with other armies, such as the RPF and UWA. We need to all band together and take care of tiny gangs once and for all. We should also have more wars. And I’m not talking about practice battles; I’m talking about two armies, battling to the end for no good reason, just for fun. That’s what made the CPM fun when I first joined. And, there should be a WordPress blog for all of the army leaders; you or Commando would make the blog, and you’d make all the other army leaders editor’s. It’d be like CP army central. We should also have recruitment parties like the FBV.

  209. The only problem is that RPF is sitting out of wars nowadays, and UWA was a merger of UMA and TWA to prevent those armies from going extinct. Like the Dinosaurs and the Soviets lol.

  210. Forget UMA. Their leader is saying stuff that will make him unpopular with the new people and may cause a scandal.
    To quote their leader: “SHUCKS!—– Did you guys know that I think Club Penguin is bringing back all the rare stuff for the newbies. First the scarf, then the back rounds, then the matador outfit. There is a fiesta party coming up with possible Maracas but we all know they will be there, and I thought they were an old, rare item that I got before. This is pretty unfair if you ask me…” Newbies is a racist slur for new people. We were all new people once. Please stop being a Hypocrite CompWiz5000.

  211. CompWiz5000 uses God’s name in vain. He said: “OMFG” which stands for Oh my **** G-d. I thought you weren’t supposed to swear. He’s going to get banned if he keeps that up. UMA is doomed.

  212. UMA’s leader said: “older privates, please PLEASE show up more often, you guys . . . have been slacking.” Slackers in the lower ranks is maybe a sign that CompWiz5000 is getting what he deserves.

  213. Hah! In that case UMA should stand for Unkind Monsters Army.

  214. That’s just like calling Nachos Nazis…lol.

  215. Forget UMA. Their leader is saying stuff that will make him unpopular with the new people and may cause a scandal.
    To quote their leader: “SHUCKS!—– Did you guys know that I think Club Penguin is bringing back all the rare stuff for the newbies. First the scarf, then the back rounds, then the matador outfit. There is a fiesta party coming up with possible Maracas but we all know they will be there, and I thought they were an old, rare item that I got before. This is pretty unfair if you ask me…” Newbies is a racist slur for new people. We were all new people once. Just because they’re new doesn’t mean they can’t have nice stuff too. PLEASE stop being a Hypocrite CompWiz5000.

  216. Come on you guys you’ll hurt UMA’s feelings. Well we can always beat them but that’s still mean.

  217. CompWiz5000 is mean. He’s racist against the people he calls newbies.

  218. CompWiz5000 is no longer leader of UMA nor is our army’s site so just stop people like new boy sayin that we shud be called unkind monsters army. UMA is a good army much better now that comppiss is out of here and I don’t care if I get fired when or if comp comes back the truth is comp is an arse but pink’s okay its just comp speaks on behalf of both himself and pink but pink said himself that “comp’s weird :p”
    TNBA Leader and UMA Chief

  219. What’s UMA’s URL? And why does it keep changing? It’s going to be pretty hard for UMA soldiers to keep track of their commander’s orders.

  220. UMA dethroned its dictator-fascist-totalitarian-king CompWiz5000? Serves CompWiz right for using God’s name in vain lol.

  221. Anyway, if CompWiz5000 says OMG or anything like that I’m going to report him to a moderator, get him banned for a little while, although some people are banned forever, like Megishappy1.

  222. It would further serve Comp right if he got in a scandal.

  223. For what he said.

  224. I don’t like Comp either. Go Ogalthorp!

  225. Yeah go Ogalthorp! Make me ambassador!

  226. Why would he do that?

  227. Cuz he doesn’t hav an ambassador but he needs 1.

  228. No he doesnt he need a second in command

  229. An ambassador is an official messenger and representative, not a second in command.

  230. Maybe I should be an ambassador the Club Penguin United Nations, where all the clubs and armies meet. 🙂

  231. Do they have one? I mean, I never heard of it.

  232. IF there is I should be the representative on it…no wait I’d need to get elected to that position, wouldn’t I?

  233. i hope i get promoted at acp

  234. If is no longer your URL what is your URL UMA, and if dictator-king-jerk-terrorist-mafia-gang-lord Comp is no longer your leader who is? And how did your current leader manage to overthrow him and take over UMA?

  235. Heh heh (laughs evily) that’s what I want to know I want to take some army over. Just kidding but that would be kinda cool for me to do lol.

  236. pscho help acp is getting beaten by uma on mammoth

  237. hmm…what room? btw it’s Psycho not pscho

  238. I’d help, but it’s l8 & I g2g.

  239. ok, I decided to apologize for all the bad things I said about UMA cuz Comp isn’t one of you anymore.

  240. So tell me ur new URL and ur new leader.

  241. Not that I will join UMA because I don’t want to join an army that has anything to do with that nasty racist CompWiz5000.

  242. It’s not that I h8 every1 in UMA, it’s not that I h8 pink, it’s not that I h8 ur current leaders, whoever they r, it’s not that I h8 u either Themolian. I just don’t want to join UMA cuz I h8 CompWiz5000

  243. It’s not that Comp runs UMA, it’s that Comp used to run UMA.

  244. I think that ACP should be the first army to have a Parliament or a Senate, or simply a Soldier’s Council. You see, maybe people would feel greater representation in their government if they had a group of leaders that they elected. It would also provide checks and balances, AND it would really make us the BEST army on Club Penguin. Then again, the primaries, caucuses and campaigns are a big hassle, so it may not work out.

  245. Plus, that way no one would accuse Ogalthorp of being a dictator, because he gives power to his people.

  246. I’m sure Ogalthorp will consider all the suggestions, because he seems to be the most reasonable army leader, plus the least overboard army leader, plus he doesn’t swear his mouth off.

  247. I mean, they talk about bad stuff on other sites: bad words, bad behavior, enslaving penguins, etc. Except for The Scientists and CPAT (Club Penguin Army of Texas, headed by Texas Vs A) While the Scientists and CPAT aren’t the big 3, they seem to be with ACP in the best 3 leaders category.

  248. The guys at PRA and RPF seem to be pretty good ppl too, although RPF seems to be leaving CP for other sites.

  249. Yeah, that’s so true, man. UMA’s leader is Comp and he’s a JERK.

  250. Okay yeah: Good armies who keep their posts clean and decent: ACP, RPF, PRA, The Scientists, CPAT. Bad armies who make their posts with swear words, racism, and raciness: GWM, UMA, Nachos, Golds.

  251. Well, no Zorbaeon doesn’t swear, but he is an obvious megalomaniac and he wants to abuse people, you could tell when he said he’d enslave the penguins in Canada if he didn’t get war.

  252. Oh wait, DOCPA is a cool army too. They have a good leader.

  253. He doesn’t swear either. He seems to be a cool guy too.

  254. All the other armies I don’t know what their leaders are like because I haven’t visited their sites recently. The ones that are allied to the ones I already said are good are probably good too though, and the ones allied to the ones I said are bad are probably bad.

  255. Ogal don’t quit! We need you to set a good example for other penguins! You set a good example on how you respond to bad comments and telling your soldiers not to make them on enemy sites! Plus we need more bloggers who avoid profanity, inappropriate stuff, and overboard hate, and army leaders who aren’t megalomaniacs.

  256. Yeah CompWiz sucks

  257. This is Loop Dude Club Penguin Thief. Leader AND creator of the best robbery group in Club Penguin (CPB Club Penguin Bandits). I am putting this comment because I am declaring war on the ACP. If you accept then we will meet you on the Ice Burg March 19th 6:30 on the Breeze server. Bring your army Oagalthorp and I will bring mine. Unless your scared of the CPB then we will wait for you.

  258. We’re not scared of you, it’s just that are forces are spread out thinly to handle UMA, Nachos, and GWM. We’re already outnumbered, but I suppose that I can gather enough troops to handle you with help from other ACP soldiers and Ogalthorp’s approval if I don’t have too much homework.

  259. Well if it’s homework we’re all worried about try for math, for vocabulary and spelling, for grammar,

  260. In case you didn’t notice, Loop dude, the ACP is busy with UMA, Nachos, IPA, and several other enemies.

  261. Okay, I was on the Breeze berg and I did not see anyone. Either your army is invisible, Loop Dude, or non-existent.

  262. I guess part of the problem is most civilians don’t even know Club Penguin has armies. Lucky us, we’re in the big three. I say we advertise.

  263. You know, Ogalthorp will eventually outgrow Club Penguin. How will we select a new leader when he does?

  264. Let’s have a poll to elect our new leader when that happens. That leader will have a very hard time, because Ogalthorp is a pretty good leader who manages to keep his sanity when people leave disrespectful comments. He also manages to avoid profanity and using God’s name in vain. The only enemy of ours whose leader is not obviously a bad person (to me) is the Nachos. Their leader is Zippy500, as we all know. In addition, I think we should have a Senate or a Parliament so that we have a balance of power. Plus, folks in Senate or Parliament would have power but they wouldn’t need blogging power.

  265. Maybe people don’t see the point of fighting these wars. Now that Akabob has posted a baby in a microwave, we all know now that fighting the Nachos is actually worth doing and not a waste of our time.

  266. No! Now Club Penguin’s armies will end! We’re going to have Club Penguin Anarchy!

  267. We’ll still have PSA.

  268. Yeah, it’s gonna hard to have no organized army out there to fight crime though.

  269. Dudes and dudettes, ACP is doomed. It’s not going to survive. It’s a lost cause. Let’s all join the Club Penguin Blue Falcons.

  270. We should help the Sleet Empire rebel against the Nachos so that the Nachos can’t control that server anymore. We need to get our revenge. Think of all the bad things the Nachos did to us. Also, the Nachos say that they control Blizzard, when that is rightfully ours, fellow ACP soldiers. We should fight them for it. If we do not take action to make the Nachos renounce their claim, they may take action to make us renounce ours. Also, if we can get DOC and FGR to rebel in Canada, assist the Sleet Empire (a rebellion in Sleet) and assist the Navy in conquering US South, the Nachos would be stretched thin and forced to give up their entire Empire.

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