Tips on how to be more active!

Hello ACP! This post is not part of my guide post, it is just some random tip thing. After our UK division was fabulous this week, I was wondering if we can push it just a tiny bit and get 20-25! So I have tips on being more active, not just for the UK, the whole army.

  • If you have a pile of homework to do, just do it before the event
  • Plan your day, like I do, simple goals, start homework at 5 and try to finish by 6:30. Watch TV for a bit, and get on the laptop for events.
  • While you are doing homework, you can get on chat and autotype on Club Penguin
  • If you mods have spare time while on chat, and chat size is big, try having an unscheduled event, and when an owner comes on PC them pics!

UK Fun CP Raid [Results]

Hey ACP! Tonight we had an amazing raid at 7pm UK! It went out great, we maxed 17 and averaged 15! 3 medals if you came. Read on for pics.

Comment if you came ~ Ahmed, ACP 3ic