Requested Top Ten Picture

acp forever


Unscheduled US training session results

Hai ACP! The US Divison decided to log on breeze for an unscheduled. we maxed 15. Pictures are from Vex. Thanks!

2 Medals if you came.

The Results of the Card Jitsu Tourney!

After this intense battle… (with 16 participants), Crazy Tow won!

Here are some pictures below!

In First Place- CRAZY TOW!!!!!!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS! Crazy Tow gets temp owner!

In Second- Ahmed – No prize- you’re an owner! Sorry!

In Third- Fluffy and Blazer- Blazer gets temp mod!

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Getting to know troops #3

Hello Acp!

Today I interviewed Ahmed who’s a 3ic and Rockstar who’s a Major General! I must say It was rather interesting. I had a worth-while conversation with Rockstar!! Not to forget the interview with my fellow Duck! The rats and the ducks get along very well, don’t they?  Haha, read more for the interviews!

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Ahmed’s Amazing ACP Guide #3: How to download Prntscr

Hey hey ACP! How has your week been? Pretty good, or pretty lousy? This week’s guide is: HOW TO DOWNLOAD PRNTSCR I am surprised that it was easy for me to think up a topic.

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Raid of Ice Box Video

Hello ACP, today I recorded the raid of Ice Box and you can watch it here!

Random Jokes #1

Hey ACP! I just decided to make a post that contains 2 jokes! Who does not like jokes?

Q. Why was the mushroom invited to the party?

A. Because he/she was a fungi!

Q. Which one of Santa’s reindeer was the bad one?

A. Rudolph was!

If you don’t get them, “fungi” as in “fun guy”, a mushroom is fungus. “Rudolph” as in “rude dolph”!


Greetings ACP!

Tonight the awesome AUSIA raided the Laughable Troops. They didn’t even defend their capital! We did fantastic, maxing 30 and averaging 28. We had amazing tactics, sizes and EVERYTHING! LT have proven to be weak without Elmikey, and they know it. LT had their short lived sizes, now it’s our turn. Inb4 LT write ANOTHER hate post xD, here’s the results:

acp forever

acp strong


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UK U-lead Results

Hey ACP! Sorry for late post, I thought Dj was posting, but anyway we had a decent U-lead session. We averaged 13. It was good, considering it was under 24 hours notice. I do have some negativity though, today, the amount of listening was pretty low, so we had atrocious formations! Pay more attention next time, troops. 2 medals if you came. I only have 1 pic, if you guys have more comment them.

Comment if you came ~ Ahmed