My good ol’ comments from the good ol’ days part 2




why oh whyyy!


o wow

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LT Raid of Breeze — ACP Victory!

Hello ACP!

Jack here with some results. LT raided Breeze today, starting at 2PM EST; oh boy, did they not expect what they got. We started our clash at the Berg where LT was caught off guard by our consistent retaliation. Then, we moved to the Plaza where ACP outnumbered LT 2:1. LT then retreated to the Pool, and then again to the Town, where for the last 10 minutes of the battle, we bombarded them over and over. Four minutes before the battle ended, they logged off; we can assume it was in dejected defeat. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. Great job ACP! “Read more” for pictures and analysis.

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Ausia U-Lead!

Hello Acp!

Today we logged into Avalanche for an U-Lead! The troops indeed led extremely well. We maxed 17 and averaged 15! With great tactics. Well done Ausia, but we can do better! 2 Medals if you came. Here’s the results:-

acpf orevr

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