Maxy’s noob comments of 2011

Hello, ACP!

Today, I am bored, and am thus going to do a funny but quick post showcasing my beautifully crafted rage comments of 2011 and early 2012! Please enjoy the show! 😀










That’s all there is to it today, folks! You’ve all learned an important lesson today – TRY not to make too many comments until you are more experienced in ACP- it saves you having to deal with awky momos like this. I may make more of these, if I find any more funny and embarassing noob comments!

From the UK with $w4g,
Maxy 777, ACP General

Unscheduled U-lead Session!

Hai ACP! Today at 3:26pm UK exactly, we logged on Brumby for a U-lead! We did decent, we had 30 on chat and we maxed 22 and averaged 20 throughout the event! 2 medals if you came!

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Poll of the week!

Hello Acp!

Hello my lovely troops, soldiers and comrades! Today’s poll is about something most of us love to do, at least it’s something I really do admire. Books! I personally love reading, from fantasy to the classics. I love all of them. So, let’s now see what your opinions are!

Don’t forget to Vote!




– Star



Greetings ACP!

Short post, if you’re not ranked, leave a comment below saying your name on Club Penguin. Easy as that, we’ll add you within hours! Sorry if it’s been a while since you joined, you’ll be ready to battle and train in no time!


AUSIA Training on Breeze

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the awesome AUSIA had a training on our Capital, Breeze, and performed exceptionally! Last week was a bit chaotic for AUSIA, but this week, we’ll pull back and excel once more! We maxed 23 and averaged 21, 2 medals if you came! Here’s the results:


how crabby

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Cap Reacp #54 – the 16th-22nd of November!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! ACP Recap is back in the business. This is ACP Recap #54- 1 bars ye cometh!. After doing my halloween extravaganzas, I’m using up my free post time to make these posts. So HURRAH! Read more and may the ACP recap release the slimey grooviness in you.

And by the way, click HERE for last year’s ACP Recap so you can compare from the time when Cas or, uh, Flipmoo or whoever lead at that time…what am I, a historian?!

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