Official Declaration of War on the Omegas + AUSIA/US War Battles

Important Posts:

The Army of Club Penguin hereby declares war on the Omegas of Club Penguin for their war crimes against ACP and WV, and all ACP troops in the Omegas army are ordered to leave at once, or may be subject to treason charges and banished for an indefinite period of time.

Omegas, you may have gotten away with your little gambles in the past, being let off with stealing many of our soldiers with simple warnings. However, this time, you’ve taken a gamble too far. We uncovered evidence yesterday, following my post warning your army to stop working against ACP, that your leader Brigade3 had attempted to yet again steal our loyal soldier Skipper233 and attempted to lure him into the free Omegas 2ic spot. We warned you multiple times to stop your actions and we would leave you alone, but you were far too stubborn to listen, instead desperately trying to brand our evidence fake and continuing what you were doing. We posted, we spoke to your leaders and came on chat multiple times to warn you, but you were too arrogant to take in what we were saying. As a result, your army will now be permanently destroyed.


Skipper being recruited by Brigade following the ACP post yesterday.


Brigade3 trying to recruit Rockstar.

You brought this upon yourselves, by underestimating our capabilities, so we will now show you and the Army Community that the ACP is not to be messed with, and we do not tolerate CHEATERS like yourselves, who are trying to tear apart our own army.

ACP, this army has two servers, meaning we’ll be able to take them out quickly and wipe them from existence.

                                      AUSIA Invasion of Icebreaker

                                       Monday 19th January 2015


Times: 11:30pm UK // 6:30am EST // 5:30am CST // 4:30am MST // 3:30am PST // 7:30pm JST // 5:00pm IST

                                     AUSIA Invasion of North Pole

                                      Monday 19th January 2015

Times: 12:30pm UK // 7:30am EST // 6:30am CST // 5:30am MST // 4:30am PST // 8:30pm JST // 6:00pm IST


USA Division Invasions (added 12:30 pm 1/18)

USA Invasion of Icebreaker

Monday 19th January 2015

Times: 7pm EST // 6pm CST // 5pm MST // 4pm PST // 12am GMT (UK)

USA Invasion of North Pole

Monday 19th January 2015

Times: 8pm EST // 7pm CST // 6pm MST // 5pm PST // 1am GMT (UK)


20+ IS EXPECTED AT THESE EVENTS! Yes, they are back to back events, with a half-hour break in between. If we can successfully win both of these, Omegas will no longer be an army, and we can walk victorious!

Signing off on behalf of the entire ACP leadership,

Maxy 777, ACP Commander

12 Responses

  1. Like to see how you fair with no internet

  2. Morons that steal troops will pay the ultimate price. How do they expect anyone to have respect for them when they are picking off CPAC armies and threatening to hack or ddos? They seem to be trapped in their own somewhat delusional world.

  3. I can come to the US events unless I fall to sleep…

  4. I can’t come, because my mom gotta work, and she doesn’t like it when i’m on the computer without her home…… I’ll prob be on @ 6:30 PM EST. My mom is afraid something might happen, if i’m on computer while shes at work. I hope this doesn’t affect anything. GOOD LUCK! :mrgreen:

  5. Lol ummm I’m seeing that Acp sizes are going down Acp should get 20+

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