Club Penguin Times: February 21


Here is the most official news in the newspaper of this week.


Save the Migrator: A Campaign Update


With its new name, the first launch of “Aqua Grabber” was a success. Campaign organizers say that the inicial results have exceeded the wildest hopes.

“I think we really can save the Migrator”, said one organizer.

Gary the Gadget Guy is equally as hopeful and very happy his invention works. “I’ve been so inspired in everyone’s enthusiasm in the project. The poll last week was very close. I think that proved everyone are very eager to get started!”

Aqua Grabber 39.0%

Deep Sea Salvage: 30.3%

Depth Diver: 30.2%

More pilots are needed to brave the depths however, if the Migrator is to be successfully salvaged. What’s to be done with the pieces of the ship that pilots are collecting will be revealed soon, according to campaign organizers.


New Tackle to Tackle Fish


Penguins familiar with tasty toppings know that one of Pizza Parlor’s best kept secrets are delicious grey fish Pizzatron chefs often add to their dishes. The Club Penguin Times have tracked down the penguin responsible for catching the grey fish. He has asked to remain anonymous but has agreed to reveal his secret.

The expert revealed that the secret lies in using the right fishing tackle. “I use a special lure to catch them. I developed it myself. Just a worm on a hook won’t do”.

The unnamed expert announced his special new tackle will be available at the sport shop. “I can’t catch enough of this grey fish on my own to keep up with the demand, so I thought it best to share the secret”.

The sport shop hopes to have the lures ready on February 29.


Q: Do you really need an apron to work at the Pizza Parlor?

A: I know the Pizza Parlor is always buzzing with customers and in need of waiters to serve them. Like everyone, I too love a delicious now and then. Although you need a special uniform to pour coffee or flip dough, there’s no reason at all that you can’t help customers with their orders. One thing is for sure – no one needs an uniform to make pizzas in Pizzatron 3000!. Come to think of it, when orders are piling up, I’m sure most penguins wouldn’t mind if their waiter is in uniform or not. Good Luck!

-Aunt Arctic


Jokes (highlight the text to see the answer):
What kind of music do rabbits like to listen to? Hip-Hop!
What kind of fish only cares for himself? Shell Fish!

Riddles (highlight the text to see the answer):
What has four legs but can’t walk? A chair.
What falls but not crash? The Night.


Upcoming Events

February 22
-New Igloo Catalog
-New Furniture Catalog

February 29
-New Sports Catalog
-New Pin Hidden

March 3
-New Books in Book Room

March 7
-New Wig Catalog
-New Clothing Catalog


Puzzle Shuffle


Do you believe me?


Fan Comics



Vote for me, please. I am in the finals of Penguin Choice Awards:


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