Being a weirdo

Hai ACP. I just wanna show how weird I can be sometimes lol. I decided to give the owners second names or nicknames *wary*

Mrs. Purpleslime McFlufferNutter

Mrtchy Of Itches

 Mr. Fluffyboy McFlufferNutter

Djkb Banter-Saiyan

Ahmed The Duck

Star Rats (palindrome alert! o_o)

Jack Frogheadface

Lauren The Rainbow

Carson The Car Dude

This makes me embarrassed. It really is. At least it’s fn

6 Responses

  1. Correction: Mr itchy tit

  2. Wait.
    You made Tchy’s nickname 3 words…
    3 = Triangle….
    Triangle = ….

  3. Ahmed, welcome to the Ducks! QUACK!

  4. Squeak, wait no those are mice. Wait no Rats? Attack the ducks!!!!

  5. Haha

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