Getting to know troops #3

Hello Acp!

Today I interviewed Ahmed who’s a 3ic and Rockstar who’s a Major General! I must say It was rather interesting. I had a worth-while conversation with Rockstar!! Not to forget the interview with my fellow Duck! The rats and the ducks get along very well, don’t they?  Haha, read more for the interviews!


My interview with Ahmed!

Me: Hello Ahmed the duck!

Ahmed: Hello Star rats 

Me: My first question, what’s the best part of ACP?

Ahmed: Meeting all the wonderful troops and making new friends!

Me: Cool, my next question! How are you liking the Pirate Party?

Ahmed: In general, I like it, but yesterday at the event  was bored at the dock. I suggested to move rooms and we went to a normal room.

Me: Yeah it isn’t very fascinating, so is there anything ACP should improve on?

Ahmed: Usually there’s nothing to improve on but yesterday the formations were atrocious! I don’t know if this is going to be regular.

Me: I’m sure we’ll improve on it, any last comments?

Ahmed: Star rats. 

Me: Thanks for your time :@ 

My interview with Rockstar

Me: Hello Rockstarrrr!

Rockstar: Hai!

Me: My first question, what’s the best part of ACP?

Rockstar: The good friends and the awesome troops that make ACP live!

Me: Ah indeed they do! My next question, how do you like the Pirate Party?

Rockstar:- 100 % cuz, I like Pirates! ARRGHHHHHHH!

Me: Haha, so is there anything you would like to change in ACP?

Rockstar: Nope, ACP is fine!

Me: Alright thanks for your time 😀

Rockstar: You’re welcome! 


That’s it for this time! Don’t forget to let me know about whether you want to be interviewed!

– Star

3 Responses

  1. Guys your famous ahmed and rockstar (wary) PLZ INTERVIEW ME (PRAY)

  2. Interview me please

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