Practice Battles

As usual, we have a big post today.

Table of Contents:

  1. Practice Battles
  2. Invasion Success
  3. ANTA
  4. Site Reformation


1. Practice Battles

Now that MWWIII (Minor Word War Three) is over, we can get back to peace. But guess what? We have a ton of new soldiers and nothing to do. So how about a few practice battles?


If the majority votes “yes” than here will be the scenario.


  • Blue: Heavy Division, Saber Division
  • Red: Stryker Division, Airborne Division

Scenario: (NOTE: This is fake, so don’t take it literally. This is just to make the battles more fun)

The Blues who live in Summit, USA North, have had a drought and are out of fish to eat, and their water supply is dangerously low. Their only hope is to invade the neighboring city Avalanche and steal the water tanks hidden there, kept in the Cave. But the Reds who live there need that water, and there is not enough for bot the Reds and the Blues.

So the Blueshave devised a plan to invade Avalanche from the east, and take over the Ice Burg. From there they can organize an attack to storm the city, and get the valuable water from the Cave. But the Reds have gotten wind of this plan, and are ready. They have set up a defensive perimeter, and will not give up without a fight.

First Battle: Ice Burg.

How the battle goes will determine the next scenario and next battle location. For example: If the Blues win, they would advance inward and attack at the cove.


Practice battles will get soldiers ready incase of any future wars, plus it’s fun. 😉


2. Invasion Success

As you can tell from this section title, the invasions were a success! ACP activity has increased two-fold, and it appears that everyone in Mammoth knows who we are. Here are some pictures:


Yeah, lots of pictures.

Anyway, I would like to thank the ACP soldiers that showed up. If it weren’t for those soldiers and all ACP soldiers like them, the ACP would be nothing. If you would like to congratulate these fine soldiers, say “CLAP” in your comment, followed by what number of clap it is. I’ll start it off:


Let’s see how many we can reach.



Yep, I have all of the rules and stuff for the ANTA. I will post about that later on this week. But for now I would like to know if any other armies would like to actually join the ANTA:

  • ACP – Accepts
  • RPF
  • UMA
  • PRA
  • Nachos


4. Site Reformation

Now that the war is over, we can focus on our website’s new design. Here is what will change:

  • Every single page will be redone.
  • New chat box.
  • Everything will be more organized and easier to use.
  • New header image.
  • New website title (not “Club Penguin Fort” anymore).

This should be finished in a week or two.


P.S. We have about 15 new soldiers, I will list them, their ranks, and their Divisions/Brigades tomorrow.

P.S.S. We now have over 400,000 hits, only a few hour before the RPF site got 300,000 hits. Now that’s what I call a coincidence. 😉



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-