Nation Meeting

Short message today.

I would like to speak to CollinZFresh, the PRA leader, as soon as possible. We need to discuss some top-secret matters. I would just like to ask CollinZ when he can talk.

This meeting will decide something BIG, involving the ACP, PRA, DRACP, FCA, and just about every army in Club Penguin.


ACP Ranks

Yes, the new recruits have been added. We will be having a promotion day soon, so get ready!

NOTE: The ranks look weird, but don’t worry, I’ll fix it soon.


Supreme Commander: Oagalthorp

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Fort57

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Corvette 360 (Colonel)
  • Flame Boy125 (Major)
  • Shortpingu (Captain)
  • Koolsdpngin (Sergeant)
  • Wesley1995 (Sergeant)
  • Nov12 (Corporal)
  • Arroso12 (Corporal)
  • Nate950000 (Corporal)

Bravo Brigade

General: Manjenson

  • Dr Nono Jr (Colonel)
  • Ajf77 (Major)
  • Striker214 (Major)
  • K Wadler (Captain)
  • Zehroy (Lieutenant)
  • Bellahdewmah (Sergeant)
  • Coolguy12348 (Sergeant)
  • Kitkittredge (Corporal)
  • Orion Player (Corporal)

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Texas Vs A

Delta Brigade

General: Lucario98765

  • Tomtwelve (Colonel)
  • Gamemastor96 (Major)
  • Cooltiger413 (Captain)
  • Secreat Guy (Captain)
  • Minerpenguin (Lieutenant)
  • Snowland202 (Sergeant)
  • Ernie5816 (Corporal)
  • Clintos007 (Corporal)
  • Drakebell46 (Corporal)

Echo Brigade

General: Rapidy

  • Stratman 13 (Colonel)
  • Reallyred53 (Major)
  • Touchie (Major)
  • Borja (Captain)
  • Spikey Emo (Lieutenant)
  • Darknight67 (Sergeant)
  • Waddey564 (Corporal)
  • Shades2you (Corporal)
  • Corraco (Corporal)

*Sabre Division*

Field Marshal: Tom Yellow

Foxtrot Brigade

General: Mazachster

  • Imperial47 (Colonel)
  • Acacoroth (Major)
  • Brbocko (Major)
  • Sheila Gally (Captain)
  • Clubby22 (Lieutenant)
  • Smartiun (Sergeant)
  • Lieutenate (Corporal)
  • Shaboomboom (Corporal)

Gamma Brigade

General: Hattrick

  • Brave Z (Colonel)
  • Kubiydoo (Major)
  • Bc435 (Major)
  • Sgt Jor (Lieutenant)
  • Filppers7 (Sergeant)
  • Podie99 (Corporal)
  • Jcapp64 (Corporal)
  • Venom Man 25 (Corporal)

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Nakib

Kappa Brigade

General: Blackburnt

  • Midnightmoon (Colonel)
  • Eggyeggs76 (Major)
  • Nc735 (Major)
  • Jessica34567 (Captain)
  • Chesspiece1 (Sergeant)
  • Pcworld23 (Sergeant)
  • Trunkes789 (Corporal)
  • Niktastic (Corporal)

Sigma Brigade

General: Db Penguin

  • Headofpolice (Major)
  • Boomer 20 (Captain)
  • Jedimaster17 (Captain)
  • Starwars5467 (Lieutenant)
  • Ricopetbob (Sergeant)
  • Gold Raider (Sergeant)
  • Cccorbally (Corporal)
  • Skat3oride (Corporal)

If you have not signed up but would like to, e-mail me at and copy and fill out this form in the e-mail: (Title the e-mail **RANK FORM**)


**CP Name/Name I use of CP websites:

**Paid membership status:

**Past CP military experience:

**How long I have been in the ACP:

**Why I should get a good rank:


Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

New Igloo Music!

Sorry for not posting for a while. 😉 

New Music have been released for members igloo’s today. Some songs include:

  • Water Party Music (Coffee Shop)
  • Fall Fair Music
  • Superhero Theme Song from the Stage

Here are the swf links if you would like to listen to them:

Water Party

Fall Fair

Superhero Theme Song


Two questions to Oagal:

Practice battles are supposed to be every week. Then, when will be the next practice war?

Oagalthorp: It was supposed to be last weekend, but as many of you know I have been too busy with homework to go through with the idea, at least for last week.

Another question (from Mazachster), are you going to make the weapons company?. Are you working on it?

Oagalthorp: Same scenario as the weekly practice battles: Too much work, too little time. 🙄


This is everything…by now!