A Truce & Roman Evacuation

The battle was going well. The ACP and SSACP had cornered the Romans at the Cove, and we continuously pounded at their forces. It appeared that victory was minutes away, when the server crashed. Not just Mittens, but every server on Club Penguin had the same glitch. Wierd.

The Romans accepted a truce, and (for some reason) decided to leave Mittens and go to Canada.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the battle:



In Other News

UMA: It appears the UMA is nearly gone. Their presence in Club Penguin is next to non-existence, and their website is inactive.

Nachos: They have a similar situation as the UMA.

PRA: They are a bit larger and more active now, and may soon arise as a superpower-nation along with the ACP and RPF.



Until later,

March on!

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