New Mission!

The new mission came out!. That reveals the identity of the polar bear (the polar bear’s name is Herbert). 😮


1. Go to gadget room and talk to G
2. He will start the machine but the crab will get away
3. Follow the crab out the sport shop up the hill down the hill and to the house
4. Now go to the bag of O berriers in the forest
5. Get out your spyphone and use the scissors to cut the rope
6. Put the O berries in your inventory
7. Find the black puffle and give him one
8. Now the puffle is following you
9. Go to the house and put a O berry in the hatch
10. The Black puffle goes in and unlocks the door
11. Follow him in and get caught by the polar bear
12. Ask the polar bear what he wants then ask him his story
13. Ge says he will cut the ski lodge and burn it up
14. Once they are gone go right then put a O berry on the gutter thing
15. Ten put one on the lever and the water will run and the cage will lift
16. Go to the desk and get G’s plans, hot sauce, pickaxe and rope.
17. Then go to the door and use the hot sauce on O berries and give one to the puffle.
18. Go back to the spot where you fell and use the rope on the pickaxe to make a hook.
19. Go up to the mountain and use the hook on the mountain.
20. Now go to the pizza parlor and order a seaweed pizza
21. After that go to the ski lodge and to the fishing area
22. Use the pizza on the polar bear and while hes eating pull the lever
23. Then the machine goes backwards and G turns up

Here is a video tutorial (made by me).

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is everything…by now!