Battle Results

Battle Results 

Equal forces met on the battle field. The Blue Army eventually broke through Red lines, but were halted at the Forest. It seemed that the raging battle would never end. Both sides fought valiantly and had heavy losses.

It was a tie.

Here are some pictures:


The Red Armydecided to pull their forces out of the Forest in-order to regroup. Now there is only one room seperating the Blues from their destination: the Cave. The next will be the deciding battle of this conflict.


New Troops

Here is the new, updated list of ACP soldiers and theeir groups.

NOTE: Blackburt has been replaced by Midnightmoon as the General of the Kappa Brigade.


Supreme Commander: Oagalthorp

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Fort57

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Corvette 360 (Colonel)
  • Flame Boy125 (Major)
  • Shortpingu (Captain)
  • Hu008 (Lieutenant)
  • Wesley1995 (Sergeant)
  • Nov12 (Corporal)
  • Arroso12 (Corporal)
  • Nate950000 (Corporal)

Bravo Brigade

General: Manjenson

  • Dr Nono Jr (Colonel)
  • Ajf77 (Major)
  • Striker214 (Major)
  • K Wadler (Captain)
  • Zehroy (Lieutenant)
  • Bellahdewmah (Sergeant)
  • Smartuin (Sergeant)
  • Orion Player (Corporal)

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Texas Vs A

Delta Brigade

General: Lucario98765

  • Tomtwelve (Colonel)
  • Islandershky (Major)
  • Cooltiger413 (Captain)
  • Secreat Guy (Captain)
  • Minerpenguin (Lieutenant)
  • Snowland202 (Sergeant)
  • Ernie5816 (Corporal)
  • Drakebell46 (Corporal)

Echo Brigade

General: Rapidy

  • Touchie (Major)
  • Borja (Captain)
  • Spikey Emo (Lieutenant)
  • Darknight67 (Sergeant)
  • Bamhimher (Sergeant)
  • Waddey564 (Corporal)
  • Shades2you (Corporal)
  • Corraco (Corporal)

*Sabre Division*

Field Marshal: Tom Yellow

Foxtrot Brigade

General: Mazachster

  • Imperial47 (Colonel)
  • Acacoroth (Major)
  • Brbocko (Major)
  • Sheila Gally (Captain)
  • Smartiun (Sergeant)
  • Centar (Sergeant)
  • Lieutenate (Corporal)
  • Shaboomboom (Corporal)

Gamma Brigade

General: Hattrick

  • Kubiydoo (Major)
  • Bc435 (Major)
  • Sgt Jor (Lieutenant)
  • Clopper1(Sergeant)
  • Filppers7 (Sergeant)
  • Podie99 (Corporal)
  • Jcapp64 (Corporal)
  • Venom Man 25 (Corporal)

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Nakib

Kappa Brigade

General: Midnightmoon

  • Blackburnt (Colonel)
  • Eggyeggs76 (Major)
  • Nc735 (Major)
  • Sergey (Lieutenant)
  • Chesspiece1 (Sergeant)
  • Frankxy (Corporal)
  • Trunkes789 (Corporal)
  • Niktastic (Corporal)

Sigma Brigade

General: Db Penguin

  • Brave Z (Colonel)
  • Headofpolice (Major)
  • Boomer 20 (Captain)
  • Jedimaster17 (Captain)
  • Starwars5467 (Lieutenant)
  • Ricopetbob (Sergeant)
  • Gold Raider (Sergeant)
  • Cerini3 (Corporal)

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