Walrus – Success

Yeah, we won.

Hey ACP, 

Today was had the earlier invasion of Walrus, and it was the same old story when invading from LT. They didn’t show up, and we claimed yet another server. Nachos were there, and IW joined in later too, even SWAT showed up to PB us for 10 mins as we had nothing better to do.

  • Size [9/10]: Our size was great today, we maxed out at around 35 and averaged 27-30ish. We started off quite small, bit towards the end of the battle we escalated. We only stayed on for 15 minutes or so after the battle had begun, as it was simply boring!
  • Tactics [8/10]: Our tactics weren’t the best, it was a mixture of good and then bad. We went to 3 different rooms before we officially ended the event, however some of us did stay on to do some more questing at the migrator.
  • Chat [9/10]: At such an early time, we actually achieved 2 chats again! We had 50+ on chat which was surprising. Sadly we couldn’t get everyone on CP, but still everyone repeated tactics and it seemed like we had fun.

Now, onto the few pictures I managed to get;


E4 in our chatbar line, with Nachos showing up.

Simple: JOIN ACP!

Snow Forts:

E+1 in line, with SWAT/Nachos soon to come.

We make an arrow shape with SWAT, and we use the overused meme; “ARROW TO THE KNEE”

Nachos goin in and we do EC Coffee in our line.


We move to the dock and make the same line; EL as we defend from a joke bomb.

E7 wink in our line, as Nachos express their love for turtles.


Proof of our 50+ on chat, and with no opposition I think it’s safe to say we claim this for a win for ACP and allies. Comment if you made it and whether you enjoyed the small PB with SWAT.


21 Responses

  1. It was a good battle. I only got 2 picture since I logged on late, I’ll add them to the post later.

  2. Good job guys. I had to go out to lunch with my family.

  3. that was awesome. but i couldnt tell who was on our side

  4. Woo hoo! G’joob g’joob 😀
    I was there 😀 I logged off when we went to the migrator though.

  5. i made it, it was short and fun 😉

  6. I made it

  7. I came thats 39 meadals!

  8. I made it

  9. Good Job ACP! Sadly it was around the time I was having dinner.

  10. I came AND stayed to go to the Migrator! I feel so great, I feel like I’m the Annoying Orange! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  11. i came was it 3 medals if so i have 29 (1 more to go )

  12. I came. Although, I dont know how many medals I currently have.

  13. I came too the whole of it

  14. i made it

  15. made it for a little amount of time.

  16. made it …score

  17. I was there! +2 medals?

  18. Did you make featured chats?

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