New Division | Alliances | Other Important Stuff

Wow, lots of stuff today: all of which is majorly important.


Table of Contents

  1. New Division 
  2. Mammoth Defense
  3. Post-War Terms
  4. ANTA
  5. International Laws of War


1. New Division

It’s amazing. We have had enough new recruits to create a whole new Division! I hereby present to you, the Airborne Division!

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Nakib

Kappa Brigade

General: Blackburnt

  • Midnightmoon (Colonel)
  • Eggyeggs76 (Major)
  • Nc735 (Major)
  • Chesspiece1 (Sergeant)
  • Trunkes789 (Corporal)

Sigma Brigade

General: Db Penguin

  • Headofpolice (Major)
  • Jedimaster17 (Captain)
  • Starwars5467 (Lieutenant)
  • Ricopetbob (Sergeant)
  • Gold Raider (Sergeant)

Also, Nate950000 (Corporal) is in the Alpha Brigade, and Shaboomboom (Corporal) is in the Foxtrot Brigade. Here is the full list:


Supreme Commander: Oagalthorp

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Fort57

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Corvette 360 (Major)
  • Shortpingu (Captain)
  • Wesley1995 (Sergeant)
  • Nov12 (Corporal)
  • Arroso12 (Corporal)
  • Nate950000 (Corporal)

Bravo Brigade

General: Manjenson

  • Dr Nono Jr (Colonel)
  • Ajf77 (Major)
  • Striker214 (Major)
  • Zehroy (Lieutenant)
  • Bellahdewmah (Sergeant)
  • Orion Player (Corporal)

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Texas Vs A

Delta Brigade

General: Lucario98765

  • Tomtwelve (Colonel)
  • Cooltiger413 (Captain)
  • Minerpenguin (Lieutenant)
  • Snowland202 (Sergeant)
  • Ernie5816 (Corporal)
  • Drakebell46 (Corporal)

Echo Brigade

General: Rapidy

  • Touchie (Major)
  • Borja (Captain)
  • Spikey Emo (Lieutenant)
  • Darknight67 (Sergeant)
  • Waddey564 (Corporal)
  • Shades2you (Corporal)

*Sabre Division*

Field Marshal: Tom Yellow

Foxtrot Brigade

General: Mazachster

  • Imperial47 (Colonel)
  • Acacoroth (Major)
  • Sheila Gally (Captain)
  • Smartiun (Sergeant)
  • Lieutenate (Corporal)
  • Shaboomboom (Corporal)

Gamma Brigade

General: Hattrick

  • Kubiydoo (Major)
  • Bc435 (Major)
  • Sgt Jor (Lieutenant)
  • Filppers7 (Sergeant)
  • Podie99 (Corporal)

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Nakib

Kappa Brigade

General: Blackburnt

  • Midnightmoon (Colonel)
  • Eggyeggs76 (Major)
  • Nc735 (Major)
  • Chesspiece1 (Sergeant)
  • Trunkes789 (Corporal)

Sigma Brigade

General: Db Penguin

  • Headofpolice (Major)
  • Jedimaster17 (Captain)
  • Starwars5467 (Lieutenant)
  • Ricopetbob (Sergeant)
  • Gold Raider (Sergeant)

Due to all of the new soldiers, I am now increasing the maximum size of a Brigade to eight soldiers, before we create any new Divisions or Brigades.

If you have not signed up but would like to, e-mail me at and copy and fill out this form in the e-mail: (Title the e-mail **RANK FORM**)


**CP Name/Name I use of CP websites:

**Paid Membership Status:

**Past CP Military Experience:

**Why I should get a good rank:


2. Mammoth Defense

NOTE: The war we just experienced will be titled MWWIII (Minor World War Three). It has come to my attention that there have been two other near-World Wars. MWWI was the ancient CPA Conquest, led by Icy Fresh 2, and MWWII was the the GPR Struggle.

Anway, because of the destruction MWWIII has caused in Mammoth, we will be hosting a series of invasions in Mammoth. We will not attack anyone unless we are attacked. Our main porpous is to show our dominance, just so everyone knows this is a server of the ACP. I will have the tactics incase of a battle written up tomorrow, so stay updated! Here is the information:

  • Saturday, January 11 – 12
  • 4:00pm PST
  • Mammoth, the Dojo         

For all of you too lazy to check the clock at the Snowforts, that is7:00pm Eastern6:00pm Central5:00pm Mountain4:00pm Pacific For all of you who don’t live in the U.S., you will have to use the Clock at the Snowforts to convert the time. 

Mark this on your calendar people, seriously!         


3. Post-War Terms

So far the UMA seems to be fine with it, but we have a bit of a situation with the Nachos. Their response from Akabob22 to the terms:

“Unless Zippy wants otherwise, we will leave USA South and take Canada. BUT there are 3 conditions.

1. We keep the servers Blizzard and White House in USA North

It took us blood and sweat to get Blizzard, and White House is strategically important to us, so we aren’t going to pack our bags there.

Besides, you need to start protecting your little Capital Mammoth some more before I trust you enough to have Blizzard back.

2. We keep the server Alpine in USA South

3. We are allowed to stay neutral with ACP.”

Here is the ACP’s reponse:

  1. We will allow a Land grant in Blizzard, and that’s as good as it gets. We are basically sharing the land with the Land Grant terms, with one exception: The Nachos may not set laws there.
    About White house: That isn’t even in USA North, that is in USA South. 😕
  2. USA South (or Canada, depending on what Zippy decides) will be no one’s land, not until the ANTA is set us to set things straight. So for now, you can go there.
  3. I’m fine if you stay neutral with the ACP, but in the ANTA rules you must accept an alliance from everyone in the ANTA to even join it. It’s your choice.



I will post all of the laws for the ANTA later. But for now, these are the armies I am asking to join:

  • ACP- accepts
  • RPF
  • UMA
  • PRA
  • Nachos


5. International Laws of War

I will post about this later.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

35 Responses

  1. 1st comment

  2. hey

  3. i made a new army so add me to ur blogroll and this army is gunna be better organized than golds,

  4. Ok.I will warn the nachos about this.We will be there for sure.Lol.Blizzard is Tom Wolf’s server.I wonder what he would say.And joining you would be Zippy’s choice.

  5. Selling an army’s website. Click my name and the website will give the link.

  6. Oagalthorp, the e-mail I will now use for everything on Club Penguin, including ACP stuff is

  7. Hey Oagal its Midnightmoon could you make a post about the uniform variation for the different Divisions and could you come up with variations of tactitcs for the different Divisions as well. Thanks

  8. Yo!!

    Thanks Oagal.I got a new computer so im not a mod on ACP chat :9 but im a member and when you are online make ma a mod ok??Thanks again and the Invaision i mihgt not come cause the war is 4:00PM PST and it will be 2:00AM in my country so I think I can’t come.

    Peace Out

  9. Does that mean we have to throw snowballs every where and stuff like that????

  10. even at the people? and by the way the stage is perfect for a battle!

  11. guys the nachos website is

  12. No duh midnightmon!He posted it here in a blogroll!lol

  13. dur dur dur. It’s sad cuz zippy cant even take screens on clubpenguin. Im getting my camera fixed so i can take screenies.

  14. lol, thats a lot of info oagal. ??wens the weapons thing starting..

    oagal last nite at about 9:30 at nite (where i live) there were no mods, and man, these UMA and rpf guys were swearing ther’re heads off and making sick, disgusting fun of me cuz im in acp, like they changed my name to something which i wont say, cuz its sick, and it was all just so gross. could i maybe be a mod?

  15. I send you email ,sir.I think you need to answer to know there are 5 divisions only one division (you know what i mean) and there will be 3 corps.

    Waddle on
    Future Counter division commander Brbocko

  16. Oagul, sir.
    Is it possible to have a brigade or a division in the Foreign Servers i.e Uk, Canada.

    There dont seem to be many soldiers in the Uk…


    Do You Want to live forever?!!!
    Tanith Battlecry

  17. get ready for the big invasion

  18. doh, i mite not make it for the first one

  19. umm oagalthorp i need your help by putting me in your blogroll and making my army an ally i need your email to help me give my wordpress shares to you i need help bad

  20. if you email me then i will have your email

  21. Lol.What happened to your so called,”Big Invasion”?Only like ten Acp troops showed up!It was worthless of showing up.

  22. Thanks Oagalthorp!!! I will be a good Major!

  23. Oh yeah and also the new play is awsome Right?

  24. GET IN THERRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS OAGAL!!!!!!!!!



  27. I want to join

  28. hi go to the mamoth dogo theres a big battle!

  29. if you want training say:I then meet me in the mamoth dogo.I will only be sat. sun. mon. .i will be there at 11:00 am PST.

  30. This is lame. I deserve better than corporal. xD

  31. THE FIRST TIME I WAS NEVER RANKED IN ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. God this is old.

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