Reminder: Senate Meeting TOMORROW

Note: I am aware that the meeting takes place during a battle. However, this meeting was scheduled last week, so it is not as if I intentionally put this meeting in the way of the battle. I am more than sure that the ACP can last in a battle without maybe 20 or so soldiers on for 45 minutes of a battle.

The meeting will take place at

This is just a reminder that the first Senate meeting of this term of Senate is tomorrow, Saturday March 5th.

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 noon MST

11:00 AM PST


It is possible that I may not be there or may not be able to be online during the whole of the meeting, so in the event of my absense, Jack (Senate VP) will run the meeting. If Jack is not there, the highest owner rank should run the meeting. Since Littleguy can not be on for the whole meeting, she will be presenting her bill first.  As far as I know, the only bills I have received are those from



Smart Alec4


Assuming they are all at the meeting, they can present and have their bills be voted on. If any other Senator shows up at the meeting with a bill ready to present, they can present it as well.

Some rules to follow at the meeting:

  • I would rather not have 20 people talking at the same time. Please, out of respect for each other, let people talk and give their opinions, or I will have to silence you while they do.
  • Please be open minded to all bills and proposals. Don’t reject a bill because you may not like the person presenting it or because you refuse to even look at the reason for it.
  • Don’t waste time saying random stuff.

Thank you,