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ACP Bob: New Ranks page with the promotion updates. Please try not to comment so much unless it is important!

Soldiers, this is the big one. We shook the earth at the Battle of Fog; we maxed out at 130 soldiers, filled nearly three rooms, and the ravaged the Night Warriors’ capital while everyone in the army world stood in awe. That was one of the biggest, most significant battles of all time.

But this Saturday, history will be written again. WW5 is back and burning, and the second phase of the war will be kicked off at the Battle of Outback. The ACP and our allies will face off against the NW and their’s. This very will may be the most epic, biblical confrontation of CP history. The question is, will YOU be there to when we shake the earth again?

Battle of Outback

  • Time: 11:00 am—3:00 pm Penguin Standard Time
    ➡ 2:00 pm—6:00 pm Eastern
    ➡ 1:00 pm—5:00 pm Central
    ➡ 12:00 pm—4:00 pm Mountain
    ➡ 11:00 am—3:00 pm Pacific
    ➡ 6:00 am—10:00 am Australia
    ➡ 7:00 pm—11:00 pm UK
  • Server: Outback
  • Room: Plaza (Snow Forts if Full)
  • Chat:
  • Who: Just about everyone.
    ACP, DW, DCP, IVTG, others
    NW, Nachos, IW, UMA, others

Here’s a map for those of you who don’t know which timezone you live it . . .

As you all know, invasions are cancelled until after the Battle of Outback. This is going to be big, so we need time to prepare. So I want every single on of your soldiers to recruit from now until Saturday. Recruit on CP; get your friends to join; advertise on websites; anything. We will annihilate our enemies, and you soldiers are the sword with which we will cut them down.

Until later,
March on!

Comment if you can make it!

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Retirement of Doodygirl1

Hi and Bye, I’m retiring from cp armies.
I might come on sometimes now and again so ya now…
Thank you :)
Chase: Awww, I don’t wanna leave you. Bye tiger, raowr *hello*
Funks: thanks for everything. you gave me a high pw rank about a year ago
BunkerBumble: Cya Girl, good luck in secondary school
Flipper: Hi, Bye :o good luck raising merp and remember I have been abducted *dizzy*
Blossom: Hi, Bye :)
Floppy, ashley and the rest in pw: Same as bloss :P
Acp: Can I stay as mod on chat for when I’m bored and decide to go on? pretty please?
And that is it. All I can say is…… Bye? :P


Promotions – March!

Flipper: To the other leaders, I understand if you get mad at me for this.. I just thought I couldn’t wait until Mchappy gets back, I was only trying to do the right thing, sorry. Also, add people onto it who you think deserves to be promoted! This post is private, for now.

Hey ACP!

I took it upon my duty to complete the promotions this month, as Mchappy is on his cruise. Leaders, edit in any people I have missed out, and be sure to promote them, or in some case, un-demote them. I have only promoted people I see from my time when I’m online, and that’s usually in quite late in the GMT time zone, but late in America. This is my first time doing promotions, and I know 2ic’s should of had a go themselves.. but I couldn’t bare all the soldiers asking when promotion day would be out!

[To Leaders: Please add new recruits to this post, for the time being]

As you will probably notice, I haven’t promoted anyone from Warrant Officer – Corporal. This is because so many soldiers are at this rank, I can’t keep track of them all! If you think you deserve a promotion, and you are either a: Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant  or a Warrant Officer, please fill out this form in a comment to be promoted! This mainly applies to these specific ranks, but anyone else, if you believe you have been unfairly demoted or think you have done enough to be promoted, you can also fill out this form. I know that a lot of soldiers haven’t been added to the ranks because of laziness, fill in this form too to be added to the ranks.

CP Name: Golf

ACP Rank:

Why do you deserve a promotion/Why do you think you have been unfairly demoted:

Or if you want to be added to the ranks.. Sorry for the delay!

CP Name:

Have you been in any other armies before? If so, list them and your ranks in them:

Will you be loyal to ACP and try your best to attend battles:

Click read more if you have been promoted.. February, 2011!

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