Tips To Keep In Mind For Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be facing the Nachos in possibly very epic battle on the server Grizzly. It will be a very important battle. This is time to get them back for all the pictures they made poking fun at not just the leaders but ALL of ACP. 😉

We are going to show everyone we can win a huge war and still come out of it in good shape and stronger then ever. This is also assert our position as the number one army on the face of Club Penguin. So lets try our hardest to win this battle tomorrow.

Despite their name we must remember not to underestimate the Nachos or take them as fools and morons. They might not be the brightest light bulbs in the light bulb factory but they are very sly, knavish and still make a very formidable foe on Club Penguin. They are known for their good tactics just like how we are known for our very good size. I’m not exactly sure if I will be able to make it but here are some good tips to keep in mind for the battle tomorrow.

1. Throw some snowballs, recruit, or spam ACP ACP ACP when no order is given at the moment. For example, like when we are waiting for everyone to get in line.

2. Fill in the gaps or spaces. Remember how the leaders keep telling and telling you on chat telling to constantly to fill in the gaps? Take the initiative and fill them in before the leaders scream at you. 😀

3. Spread out and don’t bunch up to make us look bigger on CP. This will help us in the battle a lot.

4. Mods should kick the idle members to wake up and so everyone is focused on the battle. Although make sure you do not over do it. 😮

5. Press = to reduce the lag on Club Penguin. It will help you move around faster on Club Penguin if their is lag.

6. Stop all side conversations so everyone can pay attention and receive orders easily. Don’t talk too much or some soldiers will not see the orders of whoever is leading the battle.

7. Get in uniform and look as green as possible. If you don’t have the exact uniform don’t worry! Just wear something as close as possible to it.

8. If you are locked out of a room, keep trying to get back in or recruit with some other locked out soldiers. If the enemy is in the room you can also annoy them like crazy by emote and joke bombing them.

9.   Don’t crowd Icey Cold27! If he is ordering something on Club Penguin we won’t be able to see it if everyone is crowding him.

10. Cover the enemy emotes! You should try to cover the enemy emotes to help make your army’s emote or spam look bigger and theirs smaller. For example if ACP was doing Clovers and Nachos were doing Mad Faces, we should cover their Mad Faces with our own Clovers to make our Clover Bomb look bigger then their Mad Faces.

Lastly also have some fun during the battle. That’s what Club Penguin Armies were made for. 😆

The song reminds me of this battle and the ACP. 8) Oh yes and happy Pi Day for those of you who love math and today is also Commonwealth Day for those of you who live in Commonwealth countries.

~Kenneth1000 ACP Head General

Final Retirement of LittleGuy04

ACP, its my turn to retire for good. Unfortunately, not because I’m too busy, or bored with CP, or whatever, but because of cyber bullying by some certain people (they can identify themselves).

Cyber bullying is a serious matter, and definitely not a joke. I was the subject of it, and it had gotten to the point where I actually contemplated suicide. I don’t want to be depressed, as depression already runs in my family, and I’m usually a happy person. Please, to my bullies- you know who you are- don’t ever bully anyone else again, its just plain old mean.

I’m retiring forever, and after this weekend, I’m most likely never going to come on chat again. So to all my friends, I’ll be on chat Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday as much as possible.

My personal history, in five sentences, is as follows: I joined CP on its 1 yr anniversary, so I’ve been on CP for 4 and a half years. I joined ACP on May 9th, 2009, I was senator four times, (btw Klug, sorry one of your senators is quitting on you…. Please try and get that bill I emailed you passed anyways), and grand senator for two months. I retired once, for two weeks, exactly a year ago, but I rejoined and became 3ic last August after Bob became leader, and I was 3ic until late October, 2010, when I retired for two days. I rejoined again, and was blessed to have my 3ic spot again for another month, until I retired in late November for a month. I rejoined just before the new year began, and here I am now, only a Lt. General but previously 3ic and grand senator, retiring for the fourth time.

To view my other retirements, click these links:

Finally, the thank you’s. These are quickly done, in about 3 minutes!

Paint(5278)- mah bestest friend ever. email me!
Freddy- email me too, i gave you my email address. and its pushing around a rock with a stick. thats all it is.
Peg- I’m glad we could stay friends after all that relationship stuff!
Fox- warriors own. bottom line. and you ish mah bestestest friend tooo. luv ya quotes, girl!
Mchappy- you were more fun before you became leader. 😦 keep some of that fun in ACP still, im sure everyone would appreciate you more
Bob- one of my favorite leaders of all time, you were great as leader, and still very awesome as 2ic
Ducky- mr sir professor ducky, what is in the upwards direction?
Draggy- no hablo espanol! you go girl, keep being bilingual like that! too cool!
Flipper- you did okay filling my 3ic spot. glad someone good took over it.
Nosey- lets make a list of whos next to retire! i loved our lists, just get more active and without a doubt you’ll get to 3ic (:
Nono- you were a great leader, too shy though. just had to put you on here… bread!
Saint- my biggest role model in acp, and the reason why i rejoined every time. i wanted to be the second leader of acp who has a brain, unlike all those guys…. if you ever read this, ask around for my email and then email me.
Aber- really good friend, nice person, you go girl!
Div- smartest kid i’ve ever met. go to harvard already, ya little genius!
Klug- please please please get my senate bill passed….. its the least you could do. you were a great 2ic and friend
Dry- thanks for making me your grand senator last summer, sorry i was so lazy with duties and was never around when we had meetings… life calls!
Ktman- ktlittle….. littlekt….. write the story already!
Bunker- girls of acp… UNITE! wish we could have talked more, freaky euro time
Buckley- miss ya, irish drunk dude. xD good times
Enn- i was eventually going for 16 retirements… not just 4… oh well, maybe once this is all over ill rejoin another 12 times and retire just so i can beat your record.
Boomer- my first leader, im glad we were somewhat friends.
Shab- you should have left him banned… and unmod week will never triumph
Oagal- you helped me try to win on 10,000 hits day last year…. haha glad we could talk sometimes
Zara- girls of acp pwn. where did you ever go? you poofed.
Cat- same with you as zara, you two both disappeared.
Lillie- im the queen! never you! i win!
Other ACP leaders- love ya all, yada yada yada, good leader, yada yada yada
Everyone else who doesn’t see their name- its in invisible ink. i swear, its invisible ink.

Here’s my final words, what I’d like to be known for-

In life, some people are winners. Some are losers. But some, well, they’re just failures. Winners, losers, and failures. Thats all that life is about. Winning, losing, or failuring.

Goodbye, ACP.