Retirement of Cpt Awesome3

Hello, this Cpt Awesome3, ACP Captain. I am officially retiring from all Club Penguin armies. I have been in Club Penguin armies since October 27th, 2010. I found out about these armies when I was trying to google, “Club Penguin Accounts” because I was seeing if I could somehow find a rare account that wasn’t banned. I stopped when I wrote “Club Penguin a” and saw “Armies” for the rest of te sentence. I clicked it and, vwalla! I join the ACP.

I have some confessions to make before I list the people that were my friends… All of those people that you knew as my “brother” or Flipper111, were me. Flipper11 was me, Maverick50 was me and Mafd2 was me. I created those people to get out of my stressfulness it is to be me. I wanted to get away. Sometimes, I wanted to go back and time and start over as a n00b again. The truth is, I have 1 brother, and 1 sister. Both play Club Penguin, both zare younger then me, both are NOT affiliated with Club Penguin armies, and both are not Flipper111, Mafd2, or Maverick50. So yes, now for my friends…

Keith09- One of the Greatest friends I ever met. You were the best person to talk to on xat, and you always were there with me, thanks. I give my only 5 xats I have, too you. Good luck in armies and CPGT!

Boofgall1- Ohhh Boof. Your were also a good friend. Hope you become Golden Troops leader soon 😉

Mew2red- Oh Mew. I remember the old days when I would scold you in CPAR 😆 Have fun in armies Mew.

Nick5013 or Clivf- Awesome. You were my GFX designer and a good friend. I hope that you find a job and have a good life.

Morrisons2- You were the leader of the 2nd army I joined, CPSFT. You had my sister join, and welcomed me. I like you for that. Lead NMA good 😉

Timmy0000- Great friend, great person. Prosper in CPF 😉

Kooldude247- Awesome. SMAC will epicly Pwn with you, I hope you get head om SMAC. One of the best friends I’ve ever had.

ioioluk- We’ve had some up and down times, but overall, pretty nice guy.

Well, that’s it. I hope you all have good life’s, and do well in your armies. And yes, I am quitting 1. Club Penguin, 2. Club Penguin Armies, and 3. Xat.

Peace out my friends….

-Cpt Awesome3, The Living Legend

Unscheduled Events

Hello ACP!

This is a quick and short post asking you guys about how many unscheduled events we should have each week to help keep the army active and alive. The poll is directly underneath.

Today we did a tremendous job at a You Lead Session. We were all bored so Stew20 and I decided to get the troops on Club Penguin. The troops followed the orders amazingly well and very quickly. First Stew lead for a while then I lead the event for a short time before turning it into a You Lead Session. You guys followed your fellow soldier’s orders very superbly as well as my own orders. We got about 30 people on Club Penguin. Some soldiers claim they had so much fun they want to do this again tomorrow to get another chance to lead. A picture of the You Lead Session is below. I couldn’t get many pictures because I was constantly reading requests and PC’s for people to lead as well as ownering and un-onwering people that were leading. Some people I saw there were Carter, Weatherboy, Stew, Nicjackson, and Cait, amongst the other troops. If you were also at the event you can find yourself in the picture.  If you can’t see the picture very well at this size click on it for a bigger look!

This is what Stew calls a "perfect line".

Comment If You Were There!

ACPTR ~Training The Future Of ACP~


Want a higher rank? Need to know more about ACP? Want to have a better chance of exceeding in ACP(becoming a moderator rank or even a owner rank in the future)  And if you ever need any help find me or any ACPTR staff on the ACP chat we would be happy to help! Also try the ACP and/or the ACPTR help page. You can also find the ACPTR link on the sidebar of the site (ACP) and on the join page for ACP. Click the link below and join ACP!


ACPTR is training camp made for one sole purpose, to help and train the future of ACP. Our staff is made up of some of the best most experienced members of ACP. Once your added as a ACPTR cadet find your name HERE on the cadets page! If you are a new recruit of the ACP and your a 1st Lieutenant or below join ACPTR, not only is ACPTR fun, a great a experience, and will give you a great ACP education but graduating will give you a promotion! Attend classes and get a medal for each class heres how it works:

You may see a number next to your name. This means you have that many medals. Medals are used to figure out who graduates, and what grade they get! To get medals, just attend events. Each event is worth 1 medal. The amount of medals you need to get a particular grade varies with different months.

There are many different classes/events in ACPTR they are as follows

History-Basic army history, including the important events like the switch to WordPress and the World Wars, and a good amount of ACP History.

Army Basics-The basics of CP Armies, including what certain terms mean, rules, Xat basics, etc.

Leadership class-This class will teach how to be a good leader. This way cadets will know how to lead well in case of an emergency and will be a good leader once/if they get there.


~Recruiting Sessions

  • Recruit on ACP or captured ACP servers

~Tactic Sessions

  • Practice Tactics


  • This is in only drastic times

~Practice Battles

  • Battle Divisions Branches or Smaller Armies or even bootcamps!

~You Lead Event

  • When a cadet or visitor from the ACP leads in a battle type form of event.