Practice Battle Against Nachos

ACP versus Nachos

When? Tuesday, March 15

Where? GriΖΖly, Town

Time? ➡ 3:30 Penguin Standard Time

6:30 Eastern

5:30 Central

4:30 Mountain

3:30 Pacific

Be at ACP chat!

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The Recurring War

Icey Cold27: Remember to say your goodbyes to Littleguy tomorrow at 1 pm CST!

Hello ACP,

It’s a never ending war.  It will go on as long as we both stand, in the top five.  They have struck again, and not just against the leaders but you the ACP soldiers.  I personally will not let this just “slip” away.  I have too much pride, which I regret at times for it takes over my thoughts. Yet this is not an act of declaration; just an act of speech.  Freedom of speech.

I was surfing the web of all armies; finding the new ones and stopping by on old ones.  Of course I went over to the Nacho site.  One of our biggest rivals.  As I was reading I was surprised by one of their posts called A Problem With Promotions.  I read it well, taking notes to see if I could do a few changes in ACP’s own system of promotions.  It was a very short post, so I was able to see pictures that I wish I had not seen.  Pictures of immaturity.  They had a picture of a guy doing a very inappropriate thing and labeled it as me.  My pride started to kick in, but I knew it better not get a hold of me.  I than scrolled down even more to see a picture insulting all of ACP.

I thought we had a server alliance and maybe our feud could end?  Guess not.  The Nachos will never cease to flame. I am blaming all of the Nachos because their second in command was the person that was responsible for this… assault.  Their leadership reflects everything, same with every other army.  They claimed it to be “fur teh lulΖ.”  Which I highly doubt.  I think this could have been an act of war, or something to catch our attention.  Something that I will gladly accept.

We, the Army of CP, challenge the “Nachos” to a Practice Battle on Tuesday.

Other News!

Un-modding week is back!  I just want to remind everyone that anyone is allowed to email me and vote for who you want to see un-modded or whom you want to see modded.  I don’t think I made it clear enough in my last post, so I am explaining it again.  Whoever gets the most votes to get un-modded (with some other unlucky moderators) will, in fact, be un-modded.  Also, the people who get the most votes to be modded must face a test to officially be modded.  That is normal how I do it.  If you are again confused follow these steps:

  • Email me at for who you want to be un-modded.
  • Email me who you want to be modded.
  • With the email give me some comments on our moderators and how well they are doing.
  • Wait until I make the un-modding week result post.

Anyone is allowed to email me.  Thank you for reading this important post.  I hope I get a ton of emails.  We are trying to fix our moderator system and the best way is for our own soldiers to give us their feedback.  ACP Forever!


~Icey Cold27

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