Getting back on track

Mchappy: I believe the title of this post can be directed at ACP as well.  We just got out of a rough war so now it’s time to have some fun.  We have proven to be the best there is, now let’s show them we will always be the best.  Keep up the great work, soldiers. 😉

Before I start this post I know I have been demoted and all that other crap and before you all say yes I know I am and bad leader and whatever else. I know that you don’t need to keep saying it. But I am going to change around now that it is spring time just about. I guess I been doing bad because it was winter and I was stuck inside all winter on ACP chat and on Club Penguin. Now I will be able to go outside and get my ACP career back on track like how I had it 1 year ago. All I want really is to get my 3rd in command back I don’t care when but I hope it is before summer time. All I want you all to understand ACP is that I just want to enjoy my ACP career. I just want to be an ACP 3rd in command or maybe a 2nd in command at the very most.

I don’t want to be the main leader of ACP. I won’t be a good leader I know you know that and I know I won’t be a good leader. All I want to do around here is enjoy my life, enjoy my ACP career and just get back to leading and having fun with all my friends and people who respect, and accept me for who I am in ACP. I am not the guy that freaks out if we lose a battle. I just want to go on Club Penguin and have fun.

To me I don’t care if we win, lose, or tie in a battle. The point is I am having fun and doing what I want to do right now in my life. If you’re asking Noka why don’t you care? That is an easy answer to you. The answer is because it won’t matter to me in my later life. To me if something won’t matter to you all your life then just be like ok whatever. As you can see all I want to do is get my ACP career back on track and get back out there on Club Penguin and have fun again. I am sure all of you will be less mean on ACP chat once spring hits your area. I think it is just that we get depressed and annoyed during winter when it is just blank outside. I am expecting to see improvement in other people as well now that spring is just about here. I think then no one will get depressed and be mad, sad for a long time once spring hits your area.

That is all for now my ACP good night and enjoy your childhood while you can!