Keep Calm And Carry On

Hello ACP,

After two dashing victories brought to you by our UK and Euro force. I would like you to give you a nice message. Although those buggers the SWAT think they have won Snow Globe, they have not. They have also lost Great White as well. I thank you all for helping the ACP win these great victories. We will win this war the ACP way. Fair, honest and absolutely no help from recruiting on Club Penguin cheats chats like the SWAT do. Even with that they struggle to match our sizes 😆

Our intelligence sources high up in SWAT’s ranks have also been at work. So much so that Ioio even said “no wonder they are always getting your info”. Although we are in no position in losing this war I just want to say keep calm and carry on. It doesn’t matter if we lose once or whatever, just take it and get about doing your duty. Keep in mind to ban all SWAT spies. The ACP Intelligence Services has just caught some yesterday, but we need everyone to help. If you think someone is a spy report it to the owners!

Btw Thanks Slider

Remember, never give up and never back down from the SWAT. We are nothing if are not able to work together as a team and defend ourselves from the “number two” army. We must be able to exert our dominance over them and we must do it together. A piece of straw is easy to break, but not if you have a hundred pieces of straw together! We should get the hang of winning easily.

By the way I want leaders to post more! I try to do one everyday or every other day. Mchappy and I think Ek have been posting well recently and Slider hasn’t been too bad as well. Make more posts so people will want to come and see our site even more!

We shall never lose! Lets go get them!