Time To Be Active / Review of Emotes / Who Do You Think Is Suitable For Temp 3ic

Hai ACP,

It is time for everyone to be more active. You, me, the members ,mods, owners. That means getting on Club Penguin more, posting more, and being on chat more.

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An “Overcast” Victory on Cloudy

Hey ACP!

Today we had our defense of Cloudy, and it was overcast. During the pre-battle, we really didn’t do very well. LT was beating us. However, when the battle started at 6:00 EST, the tides were turned. LT shrunk during the battle, and we grew. So, bottom line, we won. There were NO owners on the entire battle. This was frustrating to the troops and mods, but you are forgiven from me. The mods who led this battle were: Emp, Asd, myself, and Capn. So thank you to all people who came, you get 4 MEDALS.

Tactics: 10/10: I have been to many, many, ACP battles, but NEVER have I been to one where the tactics were so PERFECT! We would tell the troops to form a line, or type something in, within 10 seconds, it would be done. Great job!

Size: 8/10: Well, it wasn’t the best of size for us today, but remember, it was 3-4 mods that led the entire time! So, pretty good job in this category, too!

Chat: 8.5/10: Again, our chat wasn’t fantastic as well. There was a lot of AFK people, so we had to use the power bump to “wake them up”. However, the troops that were active during the battle payed attention on chat, and listened to what the leaders said. Great job!

I don’t have many pictures, I actually only have two that were given to me! COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY OTHER PICTURES!


An awesome clover at the end of the battle

© ACP Intelligence Service

So, I gotta admit, it wasn’t the best battle, but we got the job done!

Great job!

Do you deserve a promotion? May 2012 Promotions.

Defence of the ACP Empire

UK Invasions of LT

Edit: Owners, PLEASE look at the important edit on the private post.

Hai ACP,

Yes it’s Funks again making a very important post on the May 2012 promotions. Due to the fact the Leaders or Head Generals haven’t posted this yet I have taken the liberty on posting this myself. The promotions will still be on the 1st meaning you only have two days to comment why you deserve a promotion for May 2012.

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Defence of the ACP Empire DEFENSE OF MAMMOTH

http://prntscr.com/a1z8iInvasions of Alpine/Ice Box Void.


For ALL events we will login 30 minutes early

Sunday, June 3rd

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Mammoth, Town

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