All Magic Comes with a Price

“Betray him? Ah ha ha ha. Oh, no. It is Count Bleck who has betrayed ME! He said he would destroy all worlds and create a new, perfect world in their place. But he was lying! He plans to obliterate every world, and then keep them all in ruin.”

Ah, the good old quotes of Dimentio. He holds a tale of betrayal, a sad story, one of power and depression, secrecy and games of tag. However, it’s not his story I’ll be telling today. We’ll hear the story of… the Magic of ACP.

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All “Flippers” On Deck!

ACP… Wins!

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The ACP Recap (May 18th, 2012)

Submitted by Purple Slime

Stew needs some more banners! It doesn’t matter if you have been selected already, you can enter as many times as you want!

Ahhhh, another day another NICKEL. (Guess where that is from =P)

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Shake that Snow Globe

^That’s what we did in the Snow Globe. 

Today was owned the SWAT again with our perfect UK force. We averaged about 15 at this event and our tactics improved as the event went on. It was led by myself and then Icey Cold27 turned up to be a great help 10 minutes after the start :). We started bad and I was very annoyed at people who were forming their own lines instead of joining the proper line. Always listen to Owners orders. Overall this was a decent event and mostly importantly, we won.

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