Rules of Warfare…for the SWAT, and SWAT Condones Racism/Hacking?

Click to enlarge! Look how weak SWAT is, resorting to making comments about people’s ethnicity. I was never wrong when I said SOME SWAT were racists and homophobic.

Hello ACP,

© ACP Intelligence Service
SWAT is now trying to hack us?

The Truth About SWAT

Nearly one thousand words

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Deep Snow: Victory || Placement of Severs

Ken: SWAT has troops admitting they lost Wind Chill and some SWAT troops do not even know why we are at war. /facedoor

© ACP Intelligence Service

Nachos even think we won.

Hai dere, ACP!

At 4:30 CST was the invasion of Deep Snow.  Deep Snow was SWAT’s co-capital, but now it is in our hands.  It was a very close battle at the beginning but in the end SWAT stood no match against the ACP.  I’d say this wasn’t our most triumphant battle of the whole war, but it’s a win, and it’s a win on an important server of theirs.  The battle only took place at the Town and Snow Forts.  We would have moved around more, but SWAT was small enough to fit in both armies in one room.  We decided to fight!  If you came to this event, the capturing of SWAT’s co-capitol, you will receive THREE MEDALS that will count towards promotions.

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SWAT claim victory with 5 soldiers


Yes you read the title was correct the ACP lost windchill against the 5 soldiers of SWAT…. not. However, SWAT did have 5 soldiers whereas we had 15 – 20 in our UK invasion with decent tactics to follow up. Windchill was full so we went to Klondike but SWAT said they wanted to battle on Sleet, so we did. The Nachos found out and now they are going to declare war on SWAT :). They said we used allies, which we didn’t. I’ll get to that part later.

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