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 So SWAT, you want examples of your mods being racist?

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Half Pipe: Victory [Battle 11]

Hai dere, ACP!

This battle wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be.  The beginning though was pretty intense.  SWAT appeared to be bigger than us for a while, but (as we always do) we pulled through.  We have a lot of pictures this time.  I know it as my fault about not having so many pictures on my last post, but I updated it with a couple more.  Half Pipe (SWAT‘s portion) is now in our possession.  If you came to this event please comment for your 4 MEDALS for this victory.

Before we get into the pictures I just want to address the fact that SWAT [a] didn’t follow us around the server (yes, we retreated once) [b] logged off about 15 to 20 minutes into the battle.  We retreated to the Cove, where we ran into DCP (I’m guessing this was planned.  Ekpenguin09 ordered the moving.)  This brings me to my next point, ironically.  SWAT decided to log off because they said we were using allies.  I’ll be the first to admit, I told DCP that LT (both DCP and LT are in a war with each other) that they were helping SWAT.  Extra practice for DCP?  Anyway, LT was helping SWAT and we do have proof.






@Ganger90, saying Reece was saying that for a different battle.

I thought this was SWAT.

LT going to help SWAT.

Ganger was begging?

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Another common sense win by us.  I hate to be so blunt and rude to anyone, or anything, but let’s all take a chill pill.  ACP has won a majority of the battles and we will hopefully continue on doing so.  Good sizes today ACP and SWAT.  ACP pulled through for another victory.  This was an actually pretty calm battle.  We got a lot of great tactics in and had some fun with DCP once SWAT logged off.  If you got any more pictures I’ll add them to the post.

Seifer: Come on. Quit playing around and fight!

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

Clearing This Up / Quality vs Quantity

Hello ACP,

Before I go to the wonderful post that Snaily written I would like to say a few things. Deli, the comments you posted were ridiculous please stop and read the post. You said I said Hitler was not a racist, but where is your evidence? I just said he had more respect for Asians than most of your soldiers do. Number two, I never said the ENTIRE army was racist and homophobic. It is clear there are actually some pretty cool SWAT like Jerry, Codycat and even Blizz. But I said your army refuses to do anything about racism/homophobia. Which pretty much implies you don’t care and you condone it, making it a un-safe kind of environment for your OWN troops.

Deli it wasn’t just one person, didn’t you see people on your chat saying f** all the time? That is offensive to homosexuals if you didn’t know since they were not even using it in the British context of a cigarette. It wasn’t just one person being racist it is multiple people. It is not just Chinese people either apparently. Jews and black people get racial insults thrown at them.

© ACP Intelligence Service, Evidence Right Here

Deli you also asked how does that pic of the guy with the swastikas in his name and that picture of you guys in a battle, relates to how you SWAT are racist. If you actually read my post you would know it isn’t about racism, they wre just pictures. And the guy with the 69 is the guy who actually said the racist stuff. There is also another guy admitting he is a racist and then saying offensive things, are you going to condone his behavior or let him go? It’s your call.

Josiah, I liked your comment on my last post. Obviously you took a lot of time and effort and did it in a respectful way. But you know what? I can tell SWAT what to do because they have been trying to do the same to us. The rules were just obviously a joke and they are just as ridiculous as the SWAT’s rules. I am trying to give them a taste of their own medicine. If they are going to make us follow their stupid rules we will make them follow our stupid rules.


Quantity vs Quality
by Lieutenant Colonel Snaily5
The other day I was sculpting another ex-Supreme Commander statue next to my masterpiece Oagalthorp, when my good friend waddled up and told me she was thinking about joining another army alongside ACP. She asked what I thought about it. I told her that one of the amazing things about being in ACP is that we have choices. ACP is an army that gives us the choice to be in more than one CP Army. In fact, many of my good friends and comrades are in multiple CP Armies.
It’s a choice we all are confronted with at some point in out ACP careers. I told my friend that I made the choice to stay loyal to only one army, ACP, so that I can focus all my energy and efforts, 100%, into just one army. Not only do I not have the time for more than one army, but I wanted to be the best role model soldier I could be and splitting my time, energy, and effort with a different army would just make me an average or below-average soldier. I wanted to be more than that.
So it becomes a choice between QUANTITY or QUALITY. I’m not saying, however, if you join more than one army you will be less of a quality soldier. It’s a choice we make based on our own personal goals, energy, motivation, and time commitments and what quality of a soldier we desire to be.
QUANTITY or QUALITY? Thanks ACP for giving us that choice.
So, what quality of a soldier do you want to be?
~Kenneth1000 & Snaily5

ACP still beat SWAT, even without posting defence times!

Hey ACP!

Today after looking around, I noticed that SWAT had decided to invade us today at 8:00 PM BST. We hadn’t posted this, and I quickly made an edit on site 30 mins prior to the battle ordering everyone to Tundra Town, and by looking at the title, you can tell that we owned them – unscheduled style. However, they STILL claim that they won again because apparently we spied, but let me show you this picture of SWAT soldier Cocos stupidly admitted to spying on us on Club Penguin, and was easily banned forever on ACP chat.

Cocos posing as “ACPKING”

“look” and “im spying”  were some of the phrases used by Cocos throughout the battle.

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The ACP Olympics!

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