Next Week’s Invasions + More UK Invasions

Hello ACP,

Once again we are invading more servers. All armies keep in mind we are only invading SWAT’s share. All servers except those that are also in our Nations page will be liberated from SWAT oppression and given back to their rightful owners. The SWAT keep on insisting they won Snow Globe. It is time to prove again who rightfully won Snow Globe. If we beat them once we can do it again! The European Invasions Are At The Bottom!

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Tippin’ the Berg

This is why we choose the Clover – Read Funks’s post bellow to understand

Hey ACP!

Funks and I here for a joint results post.  Today was our Invasion of Berg which was not the most exciting event we’ve ever experienced. SWAT failed to show up until 5 minutes after the start of the event with not the most impressive numbers. We, ourselves had around 20 on average on Club Penguin. We could have had a quicker start logging on and better tactics but these things happen. We logged on 20 minutes before the beginning on the event and stayed on until 25 minutes past. SWAT surrendered the server of Berg at around 20 past the hour and ACP claimed victory. I’ll let Funks present the battle coverage before we shouts at me. Continue reading

The ACP Recap (May 11th, 2012)

Submitted by CPMaster10123.

Is it really that time again? Yes, yes it is.

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Why do we use the Clover?

Hai ACP,

Ah, the clover! Anyone in CP Armies that looks at the clover straight away thinks “ACP” but why did we choose the clover in the first place? In this post I will look into why we choose the clover and not another emote to symbolize the ACP!

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