UK Training/Recruiting 5/1/2015

Greetings ACP!  It feels great to be back posting here today!  In preparation for our massive PB tonight against the Water Vikings, we logged onto Snow Angel (3 bars) for a training and recruiting session.  We started off slowly, but we managed to average around 13-15 troops on CP, and maxed 18.

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Ausia training and more Hide and Seek!

Hello Acp!

Today, we had a great event on the server White Out which was 1 bar at the time we logged on. We also had around a full chat. The event was led by Vex and I, and we also included a hide and seek session as you all performed very well today. Sadly, we lost and the winners were Tyga, Agent, Rock, and Ashs! Congratulations to the winners. Also credits to Puff for choosing a great spot to hide! We averaged around 11-12 and maxed 15 today with perfect tactics, which is quite an improvement! Great job and 3 medals if you came! Also, please note that the pictures were taken by different people, and for some the rooms were back to normal.Here’s the results:

event e+h

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