UK Training Session Results

Greetings ACP,

Hey ACP, Ahmed here filling in for Slime. So anyway we had a successful training session at 7pm UK. We performed many tactics, we even mastered the tricky E+N moon tactic. Good effort ACP, we maxed 11 and averaged 10. As usual, there is room for improvement. We did expect more, but after all, our UK division is rebuilding. I still expect 16+ tomorrow *d*.



Read more for Harry’s and Gian’s pics! Thanks guys.

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AUSIA Training Session Results 10/03/15

Cześć ACP.

Although I was highly considering cancelling the AUSIA event today, we managed to do pretty well, maxing 10 and averaging 8-9. Luckily Star helped out, whom is currently on leave at the time being because of studies. Thank you to those who actually logged on, because we could have actually done quite better if everyone did.

2 medals if yo-… Oh, nevermind.

acpevent5 clovers

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